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Luxury LEED Platinum Residence

Sustainable Home Design & Technology

Welcome to LEED Platinum Certified efficiency combined with luxury living. Built around the historic 1815 studio of architectural photographer Balthazar Korab, this unique home marries unparalleled aesthetics with the latest in green technology, all of which is fully integrated to provide a seamless user experience.

Lutron RadioRA 2 lighting control and Lutron QS Wireless motorized window treatments work in harmony with solar panels and light harvesting techniques to create a sustainable, efficient lifestyle. A Savant control system not only choreographs all this, but monitors all energy both used and generated by the home.

Aesthetic Integrity

This unique project not only required the latest in technology, but an astute attention to detail as well. Technological collaboration with the architect, builder, interior designer, as well as other trades, started early on.

The residence called for strict adherence to the LEED Platinum requirements yet needed to blend the historic cues of the original studio with sleek modern design. As such, Lutron QS Wireless motorized window treatments are artfully concealed in millwork and lighting soffits. Hidden latches and magnetic panels allow for installation and servicing access, while keeping a completely built-in look.

Corner shade pockets were carefully engineered to allow the shades cover all available glass, with minimal gaps, for energy management through light harvesting. Motion sensors are recessed under cabinets to trigger the home’s Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) system.

Lighting the Way

Light is an integral part of the Beach Road House. LED lighting fixtures, with different daytime and nighttime settings, work in concert with motorized window treatments to provide a comfortable, yet efficient, environment. Skylights and windows let natural light flow through the home, and minimize the need for artificial lighting.

Lutron QS Wireless motorized window treatments block harsh sunlight in the summer, and keep heat from escaping in the winter, to regulate the interior temperature organically, and minimize energy use. The shades are designed to cover all visible glass for maximum energy efficiency.

The Lutron RadioRA 2 lighting control system is designed to take full advantage of all available sunlight and has different dim settings for daytime, evening, and nighttime use. Unique fixtures throw large amounts of light while using very little energy.

Energy Stewardship

The Beach Road House strives to uphold sustainable energy consumption in many ways. Lighting and shading represent a small part of how this residence supports a reduced carbon footprint. A large outdoor solar panel rotates as the sun crosses the sky to capture as much solar generated energy as possible. The garage is not only outfitted with the latest in lift technology, but also boasts an Electric Vehicle Charging station to promote a reduction in dependency on gasoline burning engines.

Each circuit in the residence is monitored by a central energy monitoring system, so the exact amount of energy used by the various systems in the home can be quantified and measured. The same energy monitoring system also measures how much energy is given back by the solar panel.

Big Ass Fans® circulate air to reduce the need for the heating and cooling system to run. In short, every system works together for a sustainable lifestyle.

• Lutron RadioRA 2 Lighting Control
• Lutron QS Wireless motorized window treatments
• Savant custom iPad user interface
• Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) system
• Rotating solar panel
• Car lift
• Electric Vehicle Charging station
• Savant central energy monitoring system
• Big Ass Fans®
• Keyless door access control

• Advanced framing and SIP(structural Insulated Panel) roof.
• Geothermal Heating and Cooling with radiant floors
• 5.3 kWh Photovoltaic system
• Low water use plumbing fixtures
• Air tight construction less then 2 ACH (air changes per hour)
• Ample day lighting
• LED lighting with occupancy controls
• Recycled copper roof
• Locally sourced wood for flooring and cabinets
• Sustainable countertops –Paperstone

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