Home Theater

Better than going out to the movies

Home Theater

Home Theater

Today, high quality home theaters are a must for the discerning homeowner. With the advances in audio and video technologies, why contend with a crowded traditional theater, when you can enjoy a movie in the comforts and privacy of your own home. Theater technology has advanced to the point where homeowners have the option of creating a dedicated room for maximum performance, or a multipurpose area for maximum value. Explore the possibilities for your home.

Why Spire

Spire Integrated Systems is committed to providing a premier home theater experience. Like every great project at Spire, it starts with design and engineering. Our technicians are both certified installers and specialized in custom design and integrated solutions to provide an innovative system that meets your specific needs.

We pride ourselves on our product selections and service. We are one of the few exclusive companies in Michigan to receive the highest dealer statuses for home theater brands. At Spire, we expect our clients to demand performance, value and service above all else! Contact Spire today to discuss your home theater project.

Dedicated Theater Room

Fully Integrated Media Room

Recreational Room

Projector Screen

The Perfect Screen for an Imperfect World

Dreaming of the big screen experience in your own home? Step out of the dedicated dark room and transform your living room into the ultimate movie zone, sports bar, and gaming suite! Turn the lights on and watch the big game with your best buds, then turn them off to watch your favorite flick! This is all possible to a SI’s screen technology that rejects light from all directions except for the direction of the project.

Based off of specifics of your room such as dimensions, projector, and seating area, Spire can help you decided the best screen for your space.


The Benchmark for Luxury Seating

To completely enjoy movie night, you want to be able to relax and be comfortable. Choosing the right furniture is crucial for obtaining comfort while complimenting your theater or media room. Spire offers CINEAK a luxury line of seating that encompass the ultimate in design with the finest quality materials.

From traditional theater seating to bar club chairs, Spire can work with you and your designer to chose the perfect seating for maximum pleasure and comfort.


Lifelike Sound

Be completely immersed in your movie experience with sound that is incredibly lifelike, in scale and tone. Feel the rhythm of the music with exceptional definition, crystal clear highs and full, deep bass through the careful arrangement of in-wall speakers. The result is authentic, engaging musical enjoyment, evoking the emotions of the original recording.

From hidden in-wall speakers to beautiful crafted floor speakers, Spire can accommodate any room’s design and function. Schedule a visit to Spire’s showroom to experience the incredible sound of Meridian speakers and to learn more about a home theater sound system.


Breathtaking Picture Quality

Enjoy the breathtaking clarity of 4K in the comfort of your own home. You’ll experience rich colors, outstanding lumens brightness and a deep dynamic contrast ratio for vibrant, detailed pictures that always look clear and sharp—even in day lit living rooms.

With a custom system to discretely hide your projector when not in use, Spire can create a hidden theater effect, leaving you with a regular room by day, and a movie theater by night.

Spire Integrated System’s expertise in conscious design, ever-changing technology and priority service, will make you a captive audience. Contact Spire to schedule a private tour of their showroom to experience first hand the convenience and rewards of a home theater system.