dedicated theater room

Movie Theater Experience at Home

Dedicated Theater Room


Dedicated Theater Room

Forget dim screens, muddy audio and high ticket prices. With modern HD and Ultra HD projectors, truly life-size screens are possible at home. Theater speakers and subwoofers produce incredibly realistic, room-filling audio. Enjoy cinema chairs so comfortable, you’ll gladly sit in them for hours. Best of all: the only cell phone that can ring is yours.

Home theater design starts with selecting the proper space. Spire will work with your architect and interior designer to integrate a theater room into your Birmingham, MI area home. With a home that is already built, we can convert any unused room into the theater of your dreams. Careful attention is payed to design elevation, site lines and acoustical treatments, so that Spire will determine the optimal layout for speakers, seating and lighting, as well as all aspects of the room to achieve a flawless design. To give your theater individual personality, acoustical panels can feature your favorite artwork.

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