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Stunning Sounds to Suit All Places

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) high-quality audio products are loved by millions worldwide, and are found in some of the world’s leading recording studios. Their speakers are also increasingly found in business environments including new property developments, the world’s finest hotels and aboard luxury yachts.

B&W Custom Installation range is ideal for home builds, cinema rooms and commercial space. In-wall and ceiling speakers deliver amazing audio discreetly, while the all-weather AM-1 is stylishly tough.

Contact Spire Integrated Systems for further details of Bowers & Wilkins range of products for businesses, homes or to discuss your requirements with their installation experts.

BW Formation Suite

The Formation Suite

The Highest Form of Sound

The Formation Suite combines perfected speaker synchronization, a proprietary mesh network, and industry-leading 96/24 high resolution sound. Which means you can listen to wired high-fidelity sound, wirelessly through Formation speakers, anywhere in your home.

Their analogue-to-digital converter ensures there are no time lags or breaks in the sound, even between rooms, while the 96/24-bit streaming maintains legendary Bowers & Wilkins sound resolution.


Introducing Wired Fidelity, Wirelessly*

The first wireless speakers system that provides wired fidelity, wirelessly*. The Duo features the same industry-defining Continuum cone technology found on our 800 Series.

– The ultimate 96/24 bit high-resolution streaming audio system
– Carbon domed tweeter-on-top design from our 700 Series
– Designed with the legendary Continuum™ Cone from our 800 Series
– Features Formation® Wireless Technology
– WiFi, Apple® AirPlay 2®, Spotify® Connect, Roon and Bluetooth compatible
– Sets up in moments
– Synchronizes in perfect harmony with other Formation product

Colors: Black, White


Experience True Room-Filling Stereo Sound

Fill any room in your home with superior high-resolution 96/24 bit stereo sound. With a unique 120-degree casing, a full-range of stereo components and our proprietary Formation Wireless technology experience the Highest Form of Sound.

– Immersive whole home wireless sound system
– Streams 96/24 bit high-resolution stereo sound
– Performance tweeters, drivers and an integrated subwoofer
– Features Formation® Wireless Technology
– WiFi, Apple® AirPlay 2®, Spotify® Connect, Roon, and Bluetooth compatible
– Sets up in moments
– Synchronizes in perfect harmony with other Formation products

Colors: Black, Silver


High-Fidelity Music and Movies

Experience a truly immersive audio and video experience with this powerful soundbar featuring 9 optimized drive units and a dedicated center channel so you always feel like you’re in the center of the action.

– 3 channel high-fidelity home theater system
– Streams music in 96/24 bit high-resolution stereo sound
– 9 optimized performance drivers and dedicated center channel
– Features Formation® Wireless Technology
– WiFi, Apple® AirPlay 2®, Spotify® Connect, Roon and Bluetooth compatible
– Sets up in moments
– Synchronizes in perfect harmony with other Formation products

Colors: Black


Transform Your Passive System into a High-Resolution Multi-Room Wireless System

Stream music in 96/24 bit high-resolution sound to your passive system or turn most passive components into part of a Formation multi-room audio system.

– Transform your passive system into a multi-room system
– Connect analog devices and stream to Formation speakers
– Stream in 96/24 bit high-resolution to your passive system
– Features Formation® Wireless Technology
– WiFi, Apple® AirPlay 2®, and Bluetooth compatible
– Sets up in moments
– Synchronization in perfected harmony with other Formation products

Colors: Black


Introducing a Wireless Depth of Bass That Rivals Wired

Add a new dimension of powerful sounding bass to your music and movies with our opposed dual driver technology and Dynamic EQ. The Formation Bass pairs with other Formation speakers for the ultimate audio immersion.

– Add a deeper depth of bass to your music and movies
– Opposed Dual Driver technology reduces distortion
– Powerful Class D amplifier delivers exacting performance
– Dynamic EQ optimizes performance in real time
– Features Formation® Wireless Technology
– Sets up in moments
– Wirelessly connects with Formation speakers

Colors: Black

The 700 Series

Inspired by recording studios. Made for living rooms.

Bring the breathtaking clarity and definition of studio sound home with the new 700 Series. Replacing the CM Series, the range combines studio-grade 800 Series Diamond technologies with purpose-built innovations to elevate home audio to an entirely new level. And all this from room-friendly cabinets designed to fit beautifully into your home environment.

Featuring a Carbon Dome™ tweeter in a solid-body housing and a decoupled Continuum™ midrange, the 700 Series’ flagship floorstander brings studio-quality sound to your home audio set up. The speaker relays textural details with goosebump-inducing accuracy, making even largescale recordings sound stunningly lifelike.

BW 703

703 S2

Floorstanding Speaker

A substantial three way floorstander built to fill even the largest rooms with full-bodied, realistic sound.

The 703 features innovation and elegance. Powerful bass lines come roaring to life, while the speaker’s dedicated Continuum™ midrange driver and Carbon Dome tweeter lend an astonishing clarity to vocals and treble effects.

Colors: Gloss Black, Satin White, Rosenut

BW 704 S2

704 S2

Floorstanding Speaker

A slim, high performance floorstander designed to blend unobtrusively into your home environment.

Looks can be deceiving. Despite its slim dimensions, 704 S2 has the commanding presence of a much larger speaker, thanks to advanced technologies such as a dedicated Continuum™ cone FST™ midrange.

Colors: Gloss Black, Satin White, Rosenut

705 S2

Bookshelf Speaker

The top-performing standmount speaker in the range, 705 S2 features studio inspired technologies, great for immaculate surround sound.

This uncompromising two-way speaker reveals subtle nuances in music others miss. Its high performance features include a solid body Tweeter-on-Top design borrowed from the 800 Series Diamond

Colors: Gloss Black, Satin White, Rosenut

706 S2

Bookshelf Speaker

This bookshelf/standmount speaker has the acoustic heft to satisfy the demands of bigger rooms.

With its larger bass/midrange unit, 706 S2 delivers a sound that feels fully formed and entirely true to life, with outstanding detail, spaciousness and musical insight into recordings.

Colors: Gloss Black, Satin White, Rosenut


Performance Series

Invisible Audio to Fill Your Home with Superb Sound

Bowers & Wilkins Performance Series deliver fantastic sound in an incredibly discreet package. These loudspeakers are engineered by the same team who creates the monitors used in the world’s most advanced recording studios.



The CCM663 is a true high performance ceiling-mount speaker. The tweeter has a 25mm (1in) aluminium dome and its housing pivots for adjustable offaxis treble response. The bass/midrange driver’s die-cast chassis provides extra rigidity which results in a cleaner, faster bass, and a three-position EQ switch for a better off-axis response. The blue Kevlar® cone means that the unit is well hidden behind the grille but still produces a remarkably clear and dynamic sound.


Reference Series

B&W collection of In-Ceiling loudspeakers are designed to deliver pristine sound from above. Advanced audio technologies ensure that you get the best possible sonic performance from incredibly discreet designs. This includes advanced cone materials and the ability to adjust the tweeter angle to ensure the perfect sound-stage.

For situations when you want near-invisible loudspeakers but refuse to compromise on sound quality there is the B&W Reference Series. Designed to deliver true sound wherever you want it, these speakers benefit from many of the technologies used in their flagship high-end loudspeaker ranges. With the Reference Series, hearing is believing.



CWM8.3 D is a three-way in-wall loudspeaker, conceived to offer the very best performance for a customer requiring great sound without seeing the source. It features a decoupled Diamond dome tweeter, a 5in Continuum FST midrange drive unit and two 7in Aerofoil low-frequency drivers. The central baffle is rotatable, so CWM8.3 D can be used in either vertical or horizontal alignment. For optimum discretion when installed, the Continuum cone is given a dark finish.


CWM8.5 D

CWM8.5 D is a two-way in-wall loudspeaker. It offers exceptionally high performance from a compact loudspeaker. It features a decoupled Diamond dome tweeter and a single 7inch bass/mid Continuum driver with anti-resonance plug. For optimum discretion when installed, the Continuum cone is given a dark finish.



The CWM7.3 incorporates twin 150mm (6in) bass drivers, a 100mm (4in) FST™ mid-range driver and a Nautilus™ tube-loaded 25mm (1in) soft dome tweeter which together can generate sound levels equivalent to large-scale live music or theatre performance. The proven technologies in this speaker combined with new features, such as the drivers die-cast chassis, the Mundorf components on the crossover and the critically formed baffle constructed from glass reinforced ABS, produce a truly remarkable in-wall speaker.



The CWM7.4 features a 150mm (6in) bass/mid-range driver set in a die-cast chassis and a Nautilus™ tube loaded 25mm (1in) soft dome tweeter. With a critically formed baffle constructed from glass reinforced ABS, the speaker features a scallop under the tweeter which creates the perfect roll off for high frequencies resulting in a more accurate reproduction of sound. Utilising the best quality components, such as having Mundorf components on the crossover, combined with proven technologies such as Flowport™ ensures that this speaker provides impressive sound reproduction.


Outdoor Speakers

Brave the Elements

For those who want to bring impeccable Bowers & Wilkins sound quality to places where conventional speakers fear to tread, we’ve come up with the ideal solution: the AM-1 architectural monitor. This ultra-durable, weather-resistant speaker is designed with the outdoors in mind – perfect for patios, gardens and poolsides – but its robust design and sleek looks also make it a great choice for public indoor spaces.




AM-1 takes everything we know about high-performance audio and adapts it to meet the demands of a versatile, all-weather monitor. The speaker combines tried and trusted technologies with new innovations – like an inverted driver array for optimum sound dispersion when the speaker is mounted high on a wall, and an advanced bass radiator design that maximizes low-frequency performance while keeping the speaker sealed from the elements.

Model of Discretion

AM-1 has been carefully designed to be easy to install, and its elegant cast aluminum wall bracket incorporates an ingenious one-plug mounting system. Combine this with minimal wall projection and a design that allows the speaker to be angled through 220 degrees, and you have a discreet, versatile monitor that can provide you with pristine sound almost anywhere.


With AM-1, Bowers & Wilkins has come up with an ingenious solution to the problem of producing powerful bass from a weatherproof speaker. Instead of the Flowport™ found in our traditional speakers, AM-1’s cabinet integrates a rear-mounted auxiliary bass radiator (ABR). As well as maintaining the cabinet’s weather-tight seal, the ABR gives the AM-1 truly remarkable bass response for a speaker of its kind.


Available in Colors: Matte Black, Matte White

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