Luxury Home Entertainment

Spire Integrated Systems combined luxury design with high performing technology to match this home’s style. Spire coordinate individual components that would usually be controlled on their own and brought them all together as one entire system; consolidating the controls to a single tablet.

Hidden TVs

The moving art screen elegantly conceals the TV and speakers behind the beautifully printed artwork. With a push of a button the room can transform to a entertainment space and back again. The artwork and frame were all custom-crafted for the homeowners individual preference.

Video Control

The multiple TV wall can display 5 different games at once for the ultimate sports viewing experience. The homeowner can easily change the channel from their control pad.


The display room features custom designed accent lighting to highlight specialty displays. With lighting control, the homeowner can easily control which lighting to turn on and off.


With one touch, this home owner can check the security system on their iPad. From notification of when the doors have been unlocked to being able to check who is at their front gate, managing the security systems is easy and efficient.

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