Josh Voice Control

Josh Voice Control

Josh Voice Controls
Luxury Voice Control for the Most Advanced Homes in the World

Josh is the premiere voice control experience for luxury homes. Josh allows you to enjoy elegant and intuitive control over every connected device in your home like never before. The system was built on the belief that voice control should feel natural for homeowners and their guests. Josh is professionally built and customized to your home.

The Josh systems understands any number of nicknames for a device, room, or scene. You can use one command to control multiple devices at once for a more natural and conversational experience. Just say, “OK Josh, open the shades downstairs, play jazz music in the kitchen, and start the coffee.” It’s that simple.

As an exclusive integrator, Spire can coordinate the voice controls to work with your home automation system. Contact us to learn how we can design and install the perfect voice control system for your home.

Josh Micro

A Small Device with Big Features

Josh Micro is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but don’t be fooled. With state-of-the-art voice control and intelligence built in, the little device can power even the largest homes. Carefully crafted to fit the aesthetic of any room, Josh Micro can be put in every room to give you seamless and natural control of your environment.

Whether you want to use voice or touch control, the device offers features to fit your needs. Equipped with a powerful far-field microphone array, Josh Micro can hear you from across the room, providing simple hands-free assistance. It also has a multi-purpose capacitive touch dial, that can transform to a light dimmer or volume control. With it’s touch-sensitive surface, a single or double tap can trigger a scene or setting that will set the perfect mood. Whether it’s a voice command, tap, or swipe, Josh Micro makes home control effortless.

Josh Micro Features


Blends into Your Home

Josh Micro was carefully crafted to fit the aesthetic of any room. Choose from Carrera White or Onyx Black. Wall mount with POE or place on any surface and connect to WiFi.

Built-In Memory

Josh remembers what you said. “Make it louder” turns up the music you just requested.


Josh understands multiple commands in a single sentence.

Natural Interface

Activate by saying “OK Josh” or by tapping the surface of the Micro.

Room Awareness

Josh Micro knows which room it’s in. Saying “OK Josh, turn on the lights” illuminates the area around you.

Smart Sensors

Automation is simple with enclosed light, temperature, humidity and touch sensors.

Unique to You

Personalize your Josh to speak with a variety of voices and accents.

The Josh App

Josh App
Works from Anywhere in the World

The Josh App was designed to give you complete control over your home from a mobile device, tablet, or any web browser. Just tap and talk from anywhere in the world. No matter how many properties you own, you’ll find them in all in the simple-to-use interface. Check in on your first home while traveling, before also accessing your ski home to prepare it for your arrival.

More than just voice commands, the Josh app has a beautiful user interface for controlling everything from lights and shades to music and thermostats. With security camera integration and remote access, you can easily check in on things and watch them adjust in real-time.

Build Your Smart Home

Josh Micro

Josh works with a wide variety of smart devices and services. The following are Spire supported systems that can be integrated with Josh.

– Lutron
– Control 4
– Sonos
– Meridian
– Bang & Olufsen
– Tidal
– Spotify

– Sony
– Samsung
– Belkin
– Amazon Echo
– Google Home
– Apply TV
– Big Ass Fans

Inspired Living: May 22nd

You can experience first hand at our ‘Inspired Living’ event. The interactive event will consist of hands-on demos, the unveiling of Spire’s newly renovated kitchen and the debut of products never seen before in Michigan. There will also be free giveaways and a drawing for a chance to win gift cards, Detroit Tigers tickets and a pair of Bang & Olufsen headphones!