Eco Friendly Birmingham Home

Eco Friendly Birmingham Home

Sustainable Design Meets Smart Technology

This home featured a request from the client to use as many environmentally friendly materials and fabrics as possible. Many common shade manufacturers use materials with PVC plastic, which is known for off-gassing hazardous chemicals that linger in the air in the home for years. The main floor roller shades met the client’s request for an eco-friendly fabric by utilizing motorized shades with GreenScreen fabric. In other rooms, the designer and client wanted the classic look and soft fabrics with roman shades and drapery tracks on several windows in the house. By partnering with the interior designer and fabric workroom, we were able to provide a custom solution for motorization of roman shades and drapery.

Lighting Control
The client is able control all of the lighting and window treatments in the house with a single control system. This eliminates the need for extra devices on the wall or remote controls that clutter up the space and get lost. By utilizing the custom window treatments, the house is able to conserve energy by keeping the house warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer by providing insulation and blocking sunlight. The lighting control system further helps to conserve energy by beautifully dimming LED lights as well as using quick buttons that turn off all of the lights in the house, or un-occupied rooms, with the press of a single button.

Motorized Window Treatments
Motorized window treatments add a high level of convenience to any project, especially those with many windows in hard to reach places. The challenge with many manufacturers is a limitation of style and fabric selection, some may be as basic as only roller shades. Often times these come with un-reliable, wireless controls.

On this Birmingham, MI project completed in March 2019, we partnered with the interior designer and drapery workroom to provide a truly unique solution. The homeowner and designer’s requests included many different styles of window treatments including rollers shades, roman shades and motorized draperies. Typically, this would result in a collection of various shade manufacturers with unsightly remotes scattered across each room or stuck to the wall for control. Utilizing standard offerings, coupled with an incredible team effort by the designer and drapery workroom, we provided all of the requested styles of window treatments, and were able to control them all on a single system. This means that each room has a single, elegant keypad built into the wall that controls not only the window treatments, but the lighting as well.

When leaving/entering the home, all of the window coverings can be raised or lowered with a single button press. Shades and draperies can also be set to operate based on the time of day for automatic day-to-day operation using sunlight as a guide. In the end, we achieved convenience, function and sophisticated style.

Photographer: Jeff Garland Photography
Interior Designer: Kathleen McGovern Studios
Builder: Beshouri Homes

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