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Today’s technology can make your business more efficient, encourage collaboration, create opportunities, and improve your corporate image. The common misconception is that technology has to be complicated, expensive and unreliable. Spire Integrated Systems Inc. is changing that notion.

Our groundbreaking software and engineering process allows us to deliver a high performing system that works like a charm. The ease of use, coupled with the WOW factor will enhance your business operations and presentations.

How do we do it?

Spire has developed a unique software and engineering process that allows us to deliver a technologically advanced system with controls so simple anyone can operate it. Ease of use, integrated with luxury design, allows you to focus on growing your business, not becoming an IT manager.

All systems from Spire are designed, built, and tested in house. Before the system is delivered to your office, quality control tests are run on the entire system to insure proper operation and equipment functionality.

When the systems arrives at your facility, it is installed by Spire’s properly trained technicians. After the installation is complete, your system is back by Spire’s award-winning Service and Support.

multi-unit integration


These days we are all trying to save energy. With a Spire Integrated System, you can reduce energy consumption with ease-of-use.
Building Automation simplifies the life of a building owner, while adding security and energy-efficiency to your life as well.

With the single touch of a button specified lights are turned on, the climate is adjusted to the desired temperature and your kitchen TV is displaying your favorite program. Your entire building is at your fingertips on any mobile device.

Common Spaces

Common Spaces

Today’s leading properties offer more community amenities than ever before. From a community lounge to a video game room, Spire can enhance the space with high performing technology to reflect the community’s lifestyle.

Spire can create an entertainment space designed for residents to socialize and enjoy themselves. A pool area can be crafted with lights and speakers for the perfect ambiance night or day. Creating these sophisticated common areas offer modern luxuries sure to set your property apart.

Common Spaces
integrated conference room

Conference Rooms

Easy does it, when it comes to conference rooms and AV presentation systems. Spire’s systems are designed to be simple for use for any user in your organization, from the CEO to the IT professional.

IT departments love our systems because Spire controls and manages the system remotely. Monitoring club usage on the projector and even detecting when a device has been removed or unplugged.

integrated bar, bartender


Imagine being able to walk into your restaurant before dinner time and with just a push of a button called “dinner,” have the lights set to the preferred level, music set to the desired station and volume.

What about all the TV and cable boxes hanging around? Imagine the cables hidden away and with ease, simply select which station is played on your TVs right from your iPad.

With the Spire system, you can pick what channel to watch and which TV to display on. Plus, with our Digital Signage, the TV can feature the special of the day or the wine list. Our Systems are designed to save time and money, while increasing sales.

integrated bar, bartender
massage table area integrated

Health Care

From the waiting room to the patient’s room, enhance your patient’s experience with the integration of design and technology.


integrated retail area


System integration for business goes way beyond conference rooms, take control of your retail locations. With the perfect lighting and music selections, all controlled through your tablet or smart phone, your store and product come to life.

Setting the perfect mood in your environment makes your customers want to stay longer to enjoy even more of your location.

integrated retail area

Commercial Services

A great automation system begins long before the first piece of equipment is installed. Spire’s design and engineering team identifies the needs and budget of each commercial space and then determines the appropriate system. Each aspect of the system, including IT, electrical, low-voltage wiring, HVAC, construction and cabinet requirements are thoroughly documented to allow for the most efficient and cost effective installation. Spire’s precise engineering and design results in a cohesive, elegant, and productive space.

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Lighting can set the right mood at any business, office, or restaurant. Providing ambiance and security, the total control you have is simple by adding lighting to your control system.

Lighting control creates ambiance, provides security, and is beyond convenient and efficient. Through dimming, switching, and shade control, you can bring all the light that surrounds you under control. Our expertly trained installers and certified programmers use only the best systems from Lutron Homeworks and Control 4.

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Controlling your business has never been easier; through carefully designed control systems you can run your business from your fingertips with ease. Adaptable systems allow you to control lighting, HVAC, audio, video, and security while also managing your energy usage.

Intuitive and custom designed interfaces run on easy-to-use touch screens, so you will always be in control without needing a remote for every piece of technology. Many systems can even be run from your smartphone no matter is you’re at your business or away.

video wall icon

Videowalls have developed beyond outdated technology and have become a new and unexpected way to immerse viewers with captivating graphics and visuals.

Seamless LCDs can be combined to cover any sized space, and flexible programming allows you to use the videowall to display anything you want. From the nightly news, or the big game, all the way to custom graphics and videos that set the mood for your restaurant or retail store – videowalls allow you to enhance your environment and create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

control icon

Building and maintenance management is a hard job that requires you to always know what is happening in your space – even when you’re not on site. Building automation adds another layer of convenience to any property when you connect it with your maintenance department.

Residents can alert your staff to issues or maintenance requests, while staff members can monitor and control empty units without leaving the service office. Residents can call elevators from within their own home, or page for valet before walking out their door – helping your maintenance department to provide an exceptional experience for your residents while streamlining your staff demands.


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