Who We Are

“Success is, of course, a brilliant, high-end system that has been designed and engineered correctly from the start. But that success is achieved by an equally brilliant team. Our employees row together as one and it shows in what we deliver, every time.” – Navot Shoresh | Founder & CEO

There’s something uniquely cool about Spire Integrated Systems. Sure, we may repeatedly be on “Coolest Places to Work” lists. But we aren’t boastful or brash about things like that. This is Michigan, after all. Combine that kind of core, Midwestern work ethic with owner Navot Shoresh’s background in the military and Spire’s strengths will come into sharper focus: This team is busy. Machine-like. Hustling. Humble. Kind. Caring. Exacting. And constantly striving to be better, with no end in sight. These kind of organizational traits add up in the workplace. Up and up, in fact, just as our name suggests: always reaching upward, moving forward, getting stronger. Now that’s cool.


Spire’s mission is to design and create innovative audiovisual and control system solutions that strike a balance between value, aesthetics and simplicity with an emphasis on performance.

Our Team

Core Strengths

Spire values personal accountability from every team member, at every point of interaction. And not just with a client, either. Our product selections and service to clients matter as much as our relationships to each other. They play close attention to the very words they use in describing their work and setting expectations, right from the start, an intentional focus that is taught, company-wide. In fact, “we give a $#it” is listed in our stamped and printed core values. It’s how Spire has earned so much trust among their clientele.

We pride ourselves on having a team that is passionate and dedicated. Our technicians are both certified installers and specialized in custom design and integrated solutions to provide you with an innovative system that meets your specific needs.

Don’t Hire To Fit a Role; Hire To Fit a Culture

September 20, 2016

Navot Shoresh (President of Spire Integrated Systems) Philosophy on Creating the Perfect Team

Even after 15 years in business, it’s hard to call Navot Shoresh an expert; rather it’s hard to get him to admit it. The president and founder of Spire Integrated Systems set up his high-end home-integration business after a stint in the military fostered an interest in high-tech and professional grade equipment. His background includes a few other influential stepping-stones, but his time as a Sergeant Major in a special operations unit helped define both the foundation and the implementation of his successful hiring system.

“I started slowly adding people, some worked and others didn’t,” Navot said. “But I’ve never had a clear system before despite my company always growing. My background is in the military, and I believe that I can build a very similar unit using the principles that we had in the military.“

Shoresh doesn’t have a name for his system but has been implementing it piecemeal into his company’s culture over the last two years. His method is less of a roadmap and more of a core set of fundamental measurements that he feels can expose people’s traits, for better or for worst.


Building The Foundation

The first step includes professional testing. It is the same sort of professional testing you can get from just about any company, but Shoresh retro-fitted the results by asking his current employees to take the test as well, giving him access to the “DNA of the superstars” in his business.

“I have a profile for what makes great technicians and what makes great project managers,” Shoresh said. “Using the Q&A lets me see how this person compared to someone else in my company. This way I have something to compare it too. I want to replicate DNA by looking at the superstars in my company, and you can’t do that without the testing.”

Equally as important, Shoresh stresses that cognitive bias plays a significant role in shaping opinions about someone. Unfortunately, that can lead to hiring a person they like (because of a university they went to or a military position they have held) despite not being the best fit for the job. His solution was letting more people in on the interview process.

Navot maintains that the advantage of having more people meet a potential candidate not only makes the onboarding easier it usually leads to a stronger work environment. “Instead of just one person handling the hiring, you have office managers sitting in on meetings, technicians holding their own interviews with completely different levels of conversation,” Shoresh said. “You gather all this information and it lets people ask entirely different questions and get true feedback from different points of view.” “It’s about having every one of your employees, whenever you can, talk to this person,” Shoresh added. “It not only makes sure that someone has the right technical skills but also the right behavioral and cultural skills to fit into our company.”

Most importantly, Shoresh believes that a company needs to have a culture and vision to push against; otherwise, no one will invest in his system. Recently overhauling his human resource department led to hiring a treasured employee who just left her job at the Pentagon. He praises her hands-on system and her ability to translate the company vision into something tangible.

“We really work hard at explaining the company vision, the company culture, how things are behaving,” Shoresh said. “We have an HR manual that explains everything. It explains how our company operates; it’s something concrete in their hands.”

Shoresh also believes his system works well because of a robust and transparent onboarding process, something he thinks many companies completely gloss over. He believes that being honest and upfront with everyone (both current employees and new hires) can diffuse stress from growing pains.

“Don’t expect them to hit the ground running. When someone comes on, and they are uncomfortable, we tell them that the first couple weeks are about learning and understanding what other people do,” Shoresh said. “I also tell the people around them that this person is new, and you can expect them to slow you down.”

“When current employees start thinking ‘Oh, this new person is slowing me down’ or ‘I’m not getting anything done with the new person’ it automatically creates stress and negative emotions towards them,” he added. “We try to avoid that all together.”

In the end, Spire operates with loyalty coming from every angle. Shoresh believes that creating a top-down environment of support fosters both a deeper connection to the company but also avoids letting any negativity distort their opinion.

Shoresh understands that no system is perfect, but after 15 years he believes that he has a good idea of who to hire and how they can impact a working ecosystem. While there are some obvious red flags and traits that he believes are unfixable, Shoresh likes to think that everyone deserves a shot.

“The truth is you don’t hire to fit a role; you hire to fit a culture and that starts with you.”

Original Article By Patrick McCarthy From: Dealerscope

What We Do

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Premium Projects:
Every great project at Spire starts with design and engineering, and our premium projects are no exception. For projects where the client is looking for an unparalleled whole-house experience, the Premium teams are highly trained to deliver. These systems include a combination of audio, video, lighting, motorized window treatments, cameras, and amazing wifi indoors and outside. All of these are controlled with an easy to use app that the client can learn to use in minutes.

Core Projects:
The Core Team at Spire is designed for projects where the client is looking for a simple system that still has the same level of high quality craftsmanship and premium support that all Spire projects deliver. With a focus on audio, lighting control, and great wifi, Core projects will deliver an amazing experience for the systems that are used every day.

Commercial Projects:
Spire’s commercial projects are focused on luxury multi-dwelling units, common spaces, restaurants, and executive board rooms. The systems are designed for ease of use, while still delivering the “wow” factor that will impress owners, clients, and patrons of each establishment.

How We Do It

Our Principles & Process

01. Made for You

Spire rejects a “one size fits all” mentality. We provide unique design concepts for every client, based on their individual needs and wants.

02. Elevated Design

Our multi-disciplinary expertise has been recognized by both clients and trade partners as the highest as the highest standard in our industry.

03. System Mastery

Spire systems succeed. Our performance-based, triple-tested systems are designed to work, to last and to be simple to use, always.

04. Support, Always

Spire Customer Support goes the distance. Smart systems require smart process, and nimble preparation for the road ahead. We stay by your side, year after year.

Our Affiliations

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HBA North

Spire History

In the Beginning

Spire Integrated Systems, Inc. began its amazing journey long before its foundation in July of 2001. Navot Shoresh, owner and President, began his relationship with the tech industry while in the military. After his service ended, he worked for an Israeli cable TV company before moving to Michigan in 1994. Here in America, he attended the University of Michigan Dearborn studying electrical engineering. While working in the industry for a Satellite TV company, and later at an audio visual company, he saw an opportunity to provide high quality audio visual systems, coupled with excellent service, and decided to start his own company.

Spire began quite humbly with just 3 employees and a small office space in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan. In 2005 Spire was proudly recognized by Lutron for a Best Programming Excellence award. By 2006 the company had doubled its employee count, and in 2007 moved its offices to Troy.

2007 was the same year the recession began to heavily affect businesses throughout Michigan. Spire realized a need to diversify, and looked outward to other states for work. Spire contracted a project in Columbus, OH that laid the groundwork for out-of-state jobs. This experience and knowledge lead to large projects in California and Florida. During this time, the Spire team developed a process to complete the work effectively, including partnering with local companies to service the systems after installation. Spire’s strategic planning and connections allowed them to successfully expand their services nationally.


Then and Now

Spire Integrated Systems continued to grow, hired more employees, hosted many interns, and moved to its current larger location: 2786 Industrial Row Drive, Troy, Michigan. In 2012, Spire created their new showroom for a hands-on technology experience in a home like setting.

Now, Spire Integrated Systems currently employs over 20 employees; provides services nationwide; is the recipient of 8 industry awards, is consistently featured in magazines; and has hosted several product launch events exclusively for Michigan. Within 2016 Spire has achieved the highest dealer statuses for Savant, Control 4 and Lutron.

The Future of Spire

Spire Integrated Systems is always looking over the horizon for new opportunities. With an emphasis on unique business and multi-use environments, Spire is looking to expand the commercial division in Michigan to Detroit’s rapidly growing downtown, as well as continue its current work in downtown Birmingham.

Northern Michigan provides another avenue for progress with the new addition of Spire’s satellite location in Traverse City. Featuring a local service department, the new office offers the Spire’s renown award winning design and installation support.