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2N Smart Access
Smart Access for Your Home or Building

With 2N access control units and door intercoms you can secure access to any building or home. In addition, you will be able to record entries and use access data to find your time-slot in the video record by linking with a camera system. Spire Integrated Systems intalls 2N products tailored to your specific needs and can integrate them into a Savant or Control 4 home automation system. Contact us to learn more about the 2N security products.


entry intercom
An Elegant Bodyguard for the Main Entrance

A stylish door intercom by 2N will always provide a proper welcome for your visitors. In addition to its modern design, created using extremely durable materials, you are sure to appreciate its unique functions. You will not only increase your home’s security, but afford your loved ones a feeling of safety.

The 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 communicator is easy to connect with 2N IP intercoms or IP cameras. It allows you to take video calls from the entrance, all without the need to pick up a handset. You quite simply open the door for your visitor remotely and explain to them where they will find you. Or in the case of postal deliveries you can ask the delivery person to leave the package at the front desk or by the garage, say.

In addition, you can play the video from the communicator whenever you need it. This allows you to see if, say, your children are still where they were last seen playing in the garden. You can also use the 2N Indoor Touch 2.0 display to check on missed calls, including images of the caller or you can set the “do not disturb” mode at night. If the intercom registers any movement or increased noise intensity during the night, it will automatically playback a special message to scare off troublemakers. If your door is opened by force or the intercom is damaged, you will be e-mailed a sequence of images from the camera. An alarm will immediately be activated in the house and the security agency will be called.

Thanks to HD quality audio you will always hear crystal clear sound and with its echo suppression you’ll feel like you’re talking to your caller face-to-face. In sleek black or white styling this multifunction communicator fits right in to any interior.

2N IP Verso

2N IP Verso

The 2N® IP Verso security intercom is configurable to your needs thanks to its modularity. It provides reliable access control and allows you to easily interface with other systems, achieving even higher site security. Available also in black, with a fingerprint reader, Bluetooth module, or touch display.

– Bluetooth technology
– Touchscreen
– Fingerprint Reader
– Camera with night vision
– Picture to Email

For Multi-Dwelling Units

The entry intercom represents the building. It must allow the building administrator to configure access for residents and ensure that visitors can talk to them. It is possible to include several access technologies in such an intercom. Remote supervision of the smooth operation of the intercom saves integrators the time and money associated with needless call-outs to the site. Thanks to its open interface and protocols, the intercom offers the possibility of integration with systems for building management, which significantly simplifies the work of facility managers. Easy connection with mobile applications for taking a call and remote door opening ensures convenience for users.

– Directory for up to 10,000 users with intuitive searching
– The choice of 16 different modules according to the needs of the building, with the possibility of easy changes
– The possibility of integration with property management software via an API
– Re-routing of all calls to reception

2N LTE Verso

2N LTE Verso

Using LTE technology means no other cable apart from a power supply is needed, with a benefit of all advanced functionalities such as a video communication. The main unit with HD camera can be accompanied by RFID, Bluetooth or biometrics supporting modules. This unit is ideal for remote locations such as gated access.

– Ideal Retrofit Solution
– Secure Configuration Via Cloud
– SIP Support with No Server Needed
– IR lighting for clear night-vision images

For Remote Entrance Gates

Residents can open the gate with their mobile phones.
– LTE/4G technology allowing installation on remote entrance gates
– Entry system and smart bell in a single device
– Integration with a camera system
– Remote administration via My2N cloud
– Opening the entrance gate for vehicles and pedestrians from a single device

Access Control

2N Access Control
Access Control

In large buildings like offices, hospitals, hotels, production plants and other large complexes, it is important to have an overview of everyone coming in. With the access control solution from 2N you can greatly improve the security of such exposed places. Simply prevent access by unauthorized persons or allow them access only to certain areas.

Finger Print Access
Access to the swimming pool, fitness centre or other shared space in aresidential building can be resolved comfortably and without keys. All you have to do is install smart access equipment at the door. Does your project include aglass wall or uneven rustic design wall? The means of installation must not create problems either. Fingerprint access is avery modern solution. No one ever leaves their finger at home.

Mobile Key
Intelligent apartment buildings let the tenants swap their bunch of keys for mobile applications. This is because the readers of access systems today communicate via the latest technology, such as Bluetooth or NFC. Thanks to the encrypted communication between the devices, this is afar more secure means of identification and door opening. For tenants, it is fast and comfortable, especially if their hands are full. The building administrators will appreciate the effective configuratio of access.

2N Access Unit 2.0 RFID

2N Access Unit 2.0 RFID

The 2N® Access Unit 2.0 RFID access control unit has a multi-frequency RFID card reader that allows the simultaneous use of older 125kHz cards and new, secure 13.56MHz smart cards. Its greatest benefits are simple installation using a single ethernet cable, remote administration and hardware and software security.

– Multi-frequency RFID card reader
– Minimum wiring requirements
– Same design as IP intercoms

2N Access Unit 2.0 Bluetooth & RFID

2N Access Unit 2.0 Bluetooth & RFID

Use the prevailing and most popular technology for access control systems in combination with modern Bluetooth. All features are elegantly combined in one access unit that reads all the wide-spread RFID cards on the market and simultaneously communicates with your smartphone that can fully and for free substitute these cards.

– Convenience of mobile credentials
– Mobile credentials for FREE
– Multi-frequency RFID card reader