Your Smart Home System Deserves More Than Someone’s Best Effort

Spire Integrated Systems’ Premium Support Plan is a New Approach to Client Care 

Imagine the comfort and convenience of one-touch control over your entire Michigan property. From outdoor entertainment to climate control to multi-room audio, your smart home system can offer a luxury living experience. But once the installation team leaves your Bay Harbor or Petoskey-area property, can you rest easy knowing that your technology is supported if something goes awry or needs an update? With Spire Integrated Systems, you can. 

We have a reputation of demanding excellence – from our clients and our team. As an HTA Certified company, we stand by three pillars of service: technical competency, aftercare service, and our reputation. We have a 20-year track record of offering a fantastic smart home experience and are responsive to the technological demands of today’s homes with an eye on future needs.  

Keep scrolling below to learn how Spire goes above and beyond the underwhelming best effort services other companies provide. 

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Best Effort vs. True Premium Support 

Unfortunately, not all smart home integrators offer dedicated technology support that serves their customers’ needs. Without a premium 24/7/365 remote support team like Spire offers, homeowners are left calling an integrator’s personal cell phone to leave voicemails that may eventually result in a returned call and completed service.  

This unreliable “best effort” is simply an exercise in damage control, and leaves homeowners feeling frustrated that their smart home system isn’t supported by a team of true professionals that guarantee their craftsmanship or offer a timely response. Imagine experiencing an error with your lighting or AV system one evening. Instead of playing phone tag with another company after business hours, call our dedicated team for a thorough response. To ensure your home control systems are supported, you need the dedicated team at Spire on your side.  

The Spire Difference 

Creating lasting relationships with every client is part of Spire’s Vision. A smart home company simply can’t provide the exemplary service needed to support their clients without a solid relationship. While some companies only offer servicing during business hours, we go above and beyond that basic expectation. 

A one-size-fits-all service that is only called upon when you experience a problem simply will not do. Instead of best-effort services, consider a premium support plan to always keep your smart home system in tip-top shape.  

Premium Support Plan 

Even expertly designed systems and device installations experience occasional service interruptions. The Spire Premium Support Plan provides 24/7/365 phone, email, text, and chat support, plus offers proactive monitoring and remote repair. Our team can determine the status of devices on your network, and oftentimes we can repair issues and reconnect devices before you’ve ever experienced a problem in your Michigan home. 

Reactive repair is also available remotely, so if you contact us regarding a system issue, we can often resolve it with no need for an on-site visit. Our Premium Support Plan includes app control that allows you to fix common issues with a simple tap of your finger. We provide next-in-line support that guarantees on-site scheduling priority during business hours, and access to advanced after-hours assistance where a Spire technician will contact you within the hour of your request. 

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