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Learn Why The Spire Difference Sets Our Team Apart From Our Competitors

Detroit is the home of Motown, Madonna, Eminem, and a slew of other pop culture music legends. It’s a safe bet that most homeowners in Michigan are big fans of music, considering they’re at the hub of musical ingenuity and genius!

Though the musicians and genres we’ve mentioned may seem a bit old school depending on your music tastes, you don’t have to listen to them in an old school way. There’s no need to carry around a boom box like it’s the 80s, a Walkman like it’s the 90s, or blast your small Bluetooth speaker like it’s the 2000s. With a high-performance audio/video system from the professionals at Spire, you can listen in luxury from any room of the house!

If you’re considering an AV installation in your home in Bloomfield Hills or the surrounding areas, keep reading below to learn what’s possible with this exciting home solution!

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Living Spaces

You spend a considerable amount of time at home, so why not make it enjoyable and add a soundtrack? With an AV system installation, your home can sing with streaming Spotify stations, a digital music collection, audiobooks, podcasts, and even movie audio from a film playing in a separate room.



An AV distribution system lets homeowners extend their listening entertainment to the great outdoors. One tap of a finger sends whatever music is playing in the kitchen to your pool area. Another swipe lowers the volume or switches the song. Intuitive yet powerful, your AV system will be a breeze to operate! The Spire team can design and install a customized audio setup that works as a standalone subsystem or as part of your total home control system.


Media Room & Home Theater

Whether it’s TV shows, movies, or anything in-between, your entertainment spaces are a primary spot for the entire family and your friends to enjoy themselves. With an expertly designed and installed AV system, you all enjoy your favorite media from the comfort of your own home – you never have to leave the couch!

And besides ensuring your speakers and video display turn on at the tap of a button, our team can integrate your lighting, shading, and climate control to adjust simultaneously as well! Initiate the “Movie Night” smart scene to lower the shades for privacy and reduce glare, tune the TV to Netflix, dim the lights to the perfect setting, and lower the thermostat a few degrees for the ultimate cozy evening of fun.


The Spire Difference

If you’re looking for an A+ AV installation in your Downstate Michigan property, connect with us here to get started! We can’t wait to talk to you about your upcoming audio/video project.