Wired Solution to Improve the Performance of Home Network

Wired Network

According to new Parks Associates research of 1,000 U.S broadband households with a wireless home network, households commonly experience issues such as slow downloads, dead zones and interference with other devices with their wireless networks. The study found that nearly 40 percent of all U.S broadband households with a wireless router have and/or are currently experiencing problems with their wireless network.

Among those experiencing problems, 87 percent have experienced a slow connection or a dead zone, and 63 percent continue to experience these problems despite efforts to resolve them. This equates to 15 million households that continue to experience dead zones or slow wireless connections despite upgrades to Internet service or in-home equipment such as the purchase of a new router.

Also according to the study, 27 percent of respondents experiencing an issue with their wireless home network report that the problem can be attributed, at least in part, to too many devices connected to the Internet at the same time.

More than one-half of respondents experiencing wireless network problems would be “very comfortable” using a wired solution to improve the performance of their network. Specifically, 58 percent of all network owners report being “comfortable” (rating 5-7 on a 7-pt. scale) using the existing cable (coax) wiring in their homes to improve their home network’s performance. A similar number report being comfortable using the existing electrical wiring in their homes (56 percent), and 52 percent report being comfortable using Ethernet/Cat-5 wiring.

Spire Integrated Systems offers fully designed networks that can accommodate demanding technologies. Through careful and thought out wiring, programing, and collaboration with the design, Spire’s systems allow for faster network and integration of all your wireless technologies from audio/video, security, lighting and your entertainment systems.

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