Why You Should Consider a Crestron Flex Video Conferencing System

Learn How Spire Integrated Systems Can Upgrade Your Boardroom

Gone are the days of jumbling through multiple cords and cables to plug in your laptop for a client presentation. With a Crestron Flex video conferencing system, your Bloomfield Hills company will be able to work more effectively and efficiently, plus you’ll update your Michigan office culture as well.

Keep reading below to learn how this commercial audio/video solution modernizes the workplace.

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Intuitive & Efficient

With several offices shifting to a hybrid work environment, many employees aren’t always in the office. Many have grown so accustomed to their at-home setup that coming into the office may cause a bit of anxiety. They may become unfamiliar with the AV technology in the boardroom or may have forgotten their connection cable. A Crestron Flex system takes away the guesswork of connecting devices! To collaborate with colleagues, vendors, or clients in a different office across town or across the globe, consider this videoconferencing solution for your office space.

Wireless video conferencing is as easy as walking into the conference room and pressing one button on the Crestron Flex tabletop device to start, join, or manage a meeting. From there, the 360-degree quad mic array has a 20-foot range, so everyone in the huddle space, meeting room, or large boardroom will be heard by all meeting participants. The Crestron Flex HD camera offers a wide view of the entire meeting table, so presentations will go smoother than ever with the additional body language cues lost in traditional conference calls.


Built to Meet Your Needs

Whether your Michigan team prefers to meet using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, the Flex system easily collaborates with any platform in any meeting space you have. A BYOD (bring your own device) feature encourages even greater collaboration amongst colleagues than ever before. When vendors or clients come to your boardroom, this feature allows them to connect to the main presentation display in seconds with no need to rifle through cables to find the correct match to their device.


With such an easy-to-use platform, the Crestron Flex system makes video conferencing more straightforward than ever before. Connect with Spire using our online contact form to keep your team communicating – no matter where in the world they are. Bringing innovative commercial audio/video and automation solutions to our Detroit-area clients is our specialty!