Veteran Employment Initiative

Veteran Employment

Spire Integrated Systems Commitment to Hiring Veterans

Navot Shoresh, CEO of Spire Integrated Systems, recognizes the value of hiring veterans to be part of his team at Spire Integrated Systems. Through his experiences, both in the military and the private sector, he knows firsthand the strength, dedication, and teamwork it takes to serve. These are all qualities required at Spire Integrated Systems.

Whether a veteran is just transitioning out of the military, or has been part of the civilian workforce for a while, Spire believes in the importance of investing in the skills of our veteran population. Even though the veteran unemployment rate has dropped within the last year, it is still above the national average. With the nation’s plan to withdraw troops from overseas through 2016, it is increasingly important that employers help veterans successfully transition back into civilian life by providing them with fulfilling careers.

20% of Spire’s active workforce is now composed of veterans, a goal reached this year after the addition of two more veteran employees. Spire believes in recruiting veterans, and values them as an integral part of the Spire team.

Introducing a few Spire employees who have served:

Brandon Salinas served in the U.S. Marine Corps from September 2004 – September 2008. He served as a Nuclear Biological and Chemical Specialist for just over a year including his first tour to Iraq in 2004. In mid 2005, he completed his second MOS training to become a Range Coach and was certified in Rifle, Pistol, and Machine gun training. He finished his service with a final tour to Iraq as a Range Warden and was honorably discharged as an E-4 in 2008.

Michelle Richardson served in the U.S. Air Force from April 1990 – March 1995. She first served as an Information Specialist under the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon in Washington DC. She later was transferred to Dyess AFB, Abilene Texas where she served as the Head Information Specialist where she was awarded the Air Force Achievement Medal. She was honorably discharged in 1995 as an E-4.

Colleen Hollon has been serving in the Michigan Army National Guard since May 2014. She served as an E-3 with the 460th Chemical Company in Augusta, Michigan on the C2CRE mission for 5 months. Colleen just graduated from Phase One of Officer Candidate School at Camp Ripley, MN and is now training as an Officer Candidate in Augusta, Michigan.

Gary Luzier spent a total of 8 years in the United States Marine Corps from 1990 to 1998. Gary first spent his time training as a 2512 Field Wireman (communications) at Camp Geiger North Carolina and then transferred to a headquarters unit for a time being at Camp Lejeune North Carolina. Shortly after that Gary was transferred to 1/24 Headquarters and Service Company in Detroit where he spent the remainder of his active and active reserve contract till March of 1998 and was discharged honorably as a Corporal E-4.

Spire wishes to thank all past and current military personnel for their service to our country. For more information please contact Navot.