Vacation Home with Remote Access

A Vision Fulfilled

This impressive vacation home was designed to respect the environment. With this in mind, the homeowner wanted to preserve this concept by conserving energy with their home electronics and daily operations They specifically came to Spire to create a cohesive system to control their audio/video, lighting and HVAC that would maximize their energy usage while there, and away.

At the forefront of the system is a dynamic media room with a 65” Plasma TV, inviting seating, concealed in-ceiling speakers and sleek, custom center channel. The room is completed with custom cabinetry to enhance video/audio components, automated shades, and blackout drapery that filters out window and skylight light, thus creating an unforgettable home media room experience.

As this is a vacation home, remotely managing their house was of immense importance to the owners. Consequently, the system was designed to be controlled from the comforts of their main residence or office. The “away” button has been a valuable feature because with just the touch of a button, simultaneously the lights, audio/video, fireplace and hot water heater turn off, as well as the shades/drapes are drawn to a close.

Here are a few more of the energy-conservation features available through the touch of a button:

  • Open or close the garage to let a guest in
  • Disarm the security to let a guest in, then re-arm after they leave
  • Turn the water heater on or off (it can reach full temperature within 15 mins)
  • View the PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera which is in the front of the house to see if someone left a package at the door
  • Watch the cable box, Tivo, 400 disc DVD player, or control the Control4 onscreen display using a sling box and sling catcher or computer
  • Notification via email if someone left the garage open or left any of the lights on

All in all, this system has provided the homeowner with the best of both worlds, entertainment and peace-of-mind.

  • Interior Elevation
  • Lighting Design
  • Engineering and Drawing
  • Elevation and Sight Line Consideration
  • HVAC Design
  • Construction Coordination
  • Acoustical Isolation
  • Acoustical Treatment
  • Design and Installation
  • Lighting Control
  • Audio Video Design and Installation
  • Audio Calibration
  • ISF Video Calibration
  • Control 4 Automation
  • Motorized Blackout Shade
  • B&K AV1260 Multi-Channel Amp
  • Control 4
    – Multi-Tuner
    – Audio Matrix Switch
    – HC-300 Home Controller
    – HC-500 Home Controller
    – Wireless Thermostat
    – Wireless 6 Button Keypad
    – Wireless dimmer with Customizable LED Light
    – 7” Touch Panel
    – System Remote Control
  • Elan Com2 Controller
  • Sony 400 DVD/CD Player
  • Integra DPS-5.5 DVD/CD Player
  • Integra DTR-5.9, 7.1 Channel Surround Receiver
  • Leon Horizon 414 Custom Built Speakers
  • Monitor Audio
    – In-ceiling Speakers
    – Radius 12” Sub woofer
    – Radius Plasma Speaker
  • Runco 60” Plasma TV
  • Sharp 46” LCD
  • Sharp 52” LCD
  • Sonance Outdoor Speakers

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