Is it time to upgrade your system?

Upgrade Your System

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Is it time to upgrade your system?

Is your system over a decade old? Are you squinting at the faded keypad? Are you frustrated with your wifi speed? An upgrade to your system can make all the difference. In this article, we will explore upgrades that can enhance your home systems and ultimately your quality of life.


Are you frustrated with how slow your wifi responds? Would you like reliable internet on every device? A fully professional network from Ubiquiti, with multiple antennas can distribute the signal to all corners of the home.

Theater Rooms

Love movies but hate the crowd? Spire can design a fully integrated media system into your family room. A new Sony projector is a nice addition to any media room, and with the newest HDR 4K capability, you will have a picture better than the movie theater. Add speakers to create an amazing surround sound that is a multi-sensory experience. Pour a glass of wine, recline that chair and enjoy.

Control Systems

Tired of using several different remotes throughout your home? Upgrade to a Savant system and you can have lights, shades, cameras, HVAC, audio systems and TVs programmed to work with a smart device. Imagine waking up in the morning, hitting the “morning” button and the lights come on, the heat goes up and the shades go up. With a Savant system, you can set up multiple “scenes” for your lifestyle preferences.

Sound System

Do you love streaming music on your phone? How about streaming all your favorite playlists throughout the house? By simply adding a few stand-alone speakers from Meridian or installing Sonance in wall or ceiling speakers, you can enjoy music in any room.


Is your TV a few years old? You may want to upgrade that TV to a larger model, as well as, to the latest in TV technology. To future-proof your TV, upgrading to a Samsung HDR 4K TV is a smart choice. It’s the latest in resolution quality and with the new streaming becoming available, you will have the best color and contrast for your binge-watching pleasure. For an added luxury and design, upgrade your TV to a Samsung Frame TV.

Spire Integrated Systems has solutions for most of your upgrade situations. Our integration experts will assess what you should keep and what should be replaced based on your needs and expectations. Contact Spire today to upgrade your home system.

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