Two Essential Components of a Security & Surveillance Camera System

The Spire Integrated Systems Team is Your Michigan Partner in Home Security  

Protecting yourself, your family, and your valuables are top priorities for any homeowner. The best way to keep an eye on your Traverse City-area property is to incorporate a smart security camera system. Viewing live video surveillance footage in real-time, receiving motion alerts while you’re home or away, and being able to speak to anyone that rings your doorbell are all ways you can strengthen the security in your Michigan home.  

Keep reading below to learn two essential components you need to incorporate in a new or upgraded security and surveillance system. 

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Security Cameras 

Was that a cat scurrying across your property, or was it a person? Did a car pull into your driveway, or was it a delivery van passing on the street? AI-enabled surveillance cameras are intelligent enough to determine the differences between what is friend or foe. A combination of video analytics, motion sensors, and artificial intelligence can weed out non-threatening situations, so you’re not bombarded with too many notifications on your smartphone.  

Our expert security team is trained in proper equipment placement, and we use the highest-quality enterprise-grade components to protect our clients and their precious belongings. Camera installation locations include around the perimeter of the building, at entry points such as the front and back door, above garage openings, at gates, and by tool sheds. When fitted with the latest technological advances, security cameras help you maintain a presence on your property, even if you’re away on vacation for a few days or snug in your bed in the evening.  


Smart Intercoms 

You may be familiar with smart video doorbells that you can buy at the local hardware store. While those types of doorbells provide peace of mind and are often a deterrent to porch pirates, they aren’t capable of ultra-high-definition video quality, nor are they able to easily integrate into the rest of your Savant smart home automation system 

At Spire, we trust 2N intercoms. If a delivery person comes to your door or gate, you can speak with them, remotely unlock your front door to let them drop off a package inside, then lock the door once they’re gone. As part of your Michigan property’s comprehensive security system, your family is safer than ever before. 


Protecting your home with a security camera system doesn’t need to be complicated – let Spire help! Connect with us here for all of your security and surveillance needs. We can’t wait to hear from you.