High Tech Audio & Video in a Restaurant

Retro 1930’s Tavern

Town Tavern, Royal Oak

“I wanted the best AV system, while not sacrificing functional style….and that is what I got.” – Town Tavern, Owner


Best Standout Bar

When the owner of an upscale 1930’s tavern, the Town Tavern in Royal Oak was envisioning his new eatery, he knew he wanted to complement the ambiance with a high-end audio/video system for his patrons, as well as reliable system for his staff.

To ensure the music can be heard consistently throughout the restaurant, Spire divided the system into dedicated zones (bar, dining, restrooms and outdoor patio). The main objective of the audio/video layout was to make sure those enjoying entertainment in the bar area were not conflicting with the system in the dining area. Spire strategically positioned the in-ceiling speakers in the bar area so as to not to be heard by patrons dining.

The bar and dining area hosts two high-definition Plasma TVs. The TVs are mounted via poles from the ceiling to hide wires and give the TVs a clean, suspended look. The system is integrated to a DVD player for in-house training and to accommodate corporate dining events. The system also features an I-pod docking station allowing patrons’ music to be piped into the restaurant for special events.

As ease-of-use was of utmost importance, Spire designed the system to be conveniently controlled by a password protected AMX Modero 5” wide screen color touch panel. The touch panel is conveniently built into the wall adjacent to the hostess station to compliment the streamline retro look of the restaurant. The touch panel is programmed with such modes as dining, after hours and close so that with just the touch of a button, the mode is set and there is no need to search for multiple remotes to control the system.

Spire’s system fits tastefully within renowned designer Ron Rea’s creation. His use of classic materials such as rosewood, marble, mohair and stainless has emerged into one of Detroit’s best standout bar and dining room.

  • Monitor Audio C165
  • In-ceiling Speakers
  • AMX Modero 5” Wide Screen Color Touch Panel
  • Escient I-pod Interface
  • Pioneer Elite Plasmas
  • B&K CT600 Multi-zone Receiver
  • AMX NI-3100 Controller
  • Integra DPS 5.5 DVD Player
  • MX-900 Universal Remote Control
  • Audio/Video Design
  • Audio/Video Installation
  • Engineering and Drawing
  • Construction Coordination
  • Audio Calibration
  • ISF Video Calibration
  • AMX Automation

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