The Magic Sound of Multi-Room Audio

The Magic Sound of Multi-Room Audio
Listening to music no longer has to be confined to the living room, basement or wherever the stereo is located. Today’s whole-home streaming audio solutions allow music to be enjoyed anywhere inside or outside the home. Whether the listener is relaxing in the tub, whipping up family dinner in the kitchen, splashing in the pool, entertaining guests in the rec room, or watching a surround-sound movie in the home theater, music is there! If each family member happens to be doing those activities at the same time, no worries. They can still listen to their favorite songs no matter what room they’re in.

Elegant and Easy

Today’s multi-room audio streaming technologies allow everyone in the home to access their favorite music or program with a simple touch of a button, or click of an app. Music that is played in each room, or “zone” of the house, can be individually controlled through a smart phone, tablet, or sleek wall-mounted keypad. The solution is not only easy to use, it’s elegant and can fit within any home design or remodeling concept. All source components can be located in the room, or stored on a hidden rack or cabinet. Recessed speakers can be installed flush against any surface creating a seamless look.

Taking Audio To the Next Level

A multi-room audio solution is tied into the home’s central audio/video system. A basic system typically includes a high-definition TV, a Blu-ray or DVD player, an A/V receiver or amplifier, and, of course, speakers. A full audio streaming solution, especially when it’s integrated with a home control platform, takes that basic setup to the next level. There are dozens of high-quality streaming systems to choose from, but we can take the guess work out by designing for the number of rooms involved and level of sophistication required to achieve your needs. Our products, such as Meridian, GoldenEar and Sonance, are the most technologically advanced in the industry. We can give you an audio solution that fits your lifestyle.

Audio Controls

Name The Source

Audio from a multi-room system can come from almost any source on a home network, including a dedicated music server, a desktop or laptop computer, or portable device such as a smartphone or tablet. The system can also connect to all popular streaming service such as Spotify, Pandora, Beats Music, iTunes Radio, Sirius XM or cloud storage services. No matter what someone wants to hear, everyone in the home can enjoy their favorite music or program wherever they want.

The Speakers

A high-quality speaker for any audio system is about finding the balance between performance, coupled with a design that compliments the surroundings. Beautifully crafted floor speakers, such as Meridian Loudspeakers Loudspeakers, can be an added match to your room’s décor. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers can be installed flush into the surface for an unobtrusive, clean look that blends into the room’s environment. Many speakers also come with removable magnetic grills that can be painted to match the color of any wall or ceiling.

A full-line of weather-proof speakers are also available for inside or outside, a shower or sauna, or, strategically placed on the patio or poolside. Some are designed to look like rocks or landscape lighting to blend in with the outdoor environment, while certain subwoofers can be partially buried underground for true earth-shaking bass.
Outdoor Speakers

No Control Issues Here

Homeowners have many different ways to control their whole home audio system. A keypad, touch panel, or tablet can be wall mounted in a specific room for easy audio control. Another option is to use a case with built-in charging for the homeowners tablet, giving them access not only to music control, but all of their favorite apps as well. Most high-end home control platforms also include whole-house audio integration for seamless use with other automated home functions. Almost all audio-streaming solutions can also be controlled with user-friendly apps on iOS and Android devices.

Making the Right Choice

Architects, interior designers and discerning homeowners have dozens of options to choose from when deciding which type of whole-house audio system to include in the building or remodeling plans. With so many choices available, it’s often difficult to pick the right one. We are a team of technology and design experts who stay a step ahead of all digital and home integration trends. Contact Spire Integrated Systems to discuss how we can help create the optimal home audio solution that fits your lifestyle and design needs.

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