How to Stay Connected to Your Vacation Home

How to Stay Connected to Your Vacation Home

How to Stay Connected to Your Vacation Home

Owning a vacation home Up North is a wonderful way to get away and enjoy time with family and friends. Unfortunately, we can’t be there year-round. Read on to discover some convenient ways to stay connected to your vacation home. Worry no longer, your 2nd home will be safe and sound.

surveillance cameras

Surveillance Cameras

The benefits of utilizing video footage for security purposes is well known. Home surveillance cameras, like those from Lilin, provide a comprehensive view of your entire vacation property. These cameras are easily accessed through a phone that streams live footage 24/7. Motion monitoring capabilities mean these cameras can also send alerts to a smartphone and/or the authorities if something seems out of place on your property. By connecting your cameras to a Savant home automation system, you can easily use the app to check in and receive alerts.


Doorbells and Intercoms

Stay connected with your home using doorbell intercom systems like those from Doorbird that can be added to your Savant system app. Answer the door easily using your tablet or smartphone. Let the cleaning crew into your Traverse City home while you are at work. Gain another level of security with advanced versions with motion detectors and alarms. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Charlevoix home has this extra layer of security.

Lighting Control

Control the lights at your vacation home remotely using reliable Lutron solutions. Turn on the front walkway as you arrive from the safety of your car. Turn off the lights you forgot after you return home. Schedule lights to turn on or off to create the illusion that someone is there for an extra measure of security. The lighting can be controlled easily and conveniently through the Savant app.

Climate Control

Keep your vacation home safe and conserve energy with a Savant Wireless Thermostat, which conveniently controls heating, ventilation and air conditioning. By setting and monitoring temperatures in your Traverse City home, you can significantly reduce the risk of freezing pipes, as well as, save on heating and cooling costs while you are away.

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Author: Michelle Richardson
Spire Integrated Systems Office Manager