Spire Transforms Artwork with Ketra’s Vibrancy

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Spire Transforms Artwork with Ketra’s Vibrancy

Did you know that lighting can affect the colors we see? For instance, the colors in a room appear to change throughout the day. Colors may appear brighter during mid-day vs a warmer tone during the afternoon. The same concept is how Spire Integrated Systems tailors indoor lighting to enhance the color of artwork and interior furnishings.

They utilized the innovative Vibrancy feature of Ketra, the smart lighting system also known for its Natural Light. The Vibrancy feature gives Spire full control to fine tune the white light to make finishes and furnishings burst to life, and give a space that extra special brilliance.

Under the ‘Curated Art Lighting’ setting, artwork looks the way the artist intended it. Every detail and color is dramatically enhanced allowing hidden characteristics to be seen.

You can see the powerful transformation below. The left picture shows the painting lit at 3000K. The right picture shows the same painting under the ‘Curated Art Lighting’ setting.

Lighting at 3000K
Curated Art Lighting setting

The colors become vibrant. Every brush stroke, flower and even the building in the foreground becomes more apparent. The entire painting becomes crisp and clear. Imagine using this lighting throughout your entire home. It can give you control on how every detailed is viewed.

Painting Close Up: The ‘Curated Art Lighting’ on the right makes the details more visible.

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