Spire Partners with Delos to Offer Wellness Living Solutions

Spire Partners with Delos to Offer Wellness Living Solutions

Is Your Home Impacting Your Wellness?

90% of our lives are spent indoors. The quality of our indoor air, water and light can undermine even our best efforts to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Now more than ever, it’s important to create living spaces designed for wellness.

That is why Spire Integrated Systems is collaborating with Delos, to implement DARWIN Premier, a fully-integrated home wellness solution designed to enhance the well-being in the environments where we live, work, sleep, and play.

Top 4 Home Environmental Issues:

Air Quality:

Indoor air quality can be up to 5 times worse than it is outdoors. This is due to invasive outdoor contaminants such as smog and pollen, and indoor contributors including cooking, organic by-products of pets and pests, and off-gassing of furniture.

Water Quality:

Water comprises over half our body weight and we rely on it to ensure that our daily physiological needs are met. However, despite appearing clean, water can be contaminated by a range of pollutants. Pollutants can also be introduced via the public water supply on the way to our homes.

Indoor Lighting:

Exposure to light patterns regulates our bodies’ circadian rhythms, which impacts our physiology, metabolism, and behavior, including sleep-wake cycles and sleep quality. Spending too much time indoors with insufficient lighting or prolonged exposure to artificial light can disrupt our circadian rhythm.

Sleep Environment:

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and our sleep environment affects our sleep quality. Thermal comfort, acoustics, and lighting (bright indoor light and outdoor light pollution) all can impact the body’s ability to synchronize sleep/wake cycles, fall asleep and stay asleep.

If you are interested in improving these home environmental issues, please contact Navot Shoresh or Jason Bellanti at Spire Integrated Systems for a consultation on the new DARWIN Premier program and to discuss a wellness monitoring ecosystem tailored to your property and your lifestyle.

To learn more about the program, download the DARWIN Premier brochure.

Navot Shoresh | President

Jason Bellanti | Partner