Spire makes Crain’s List of Cool Places to Work

Cool Place to Work

Spire Named Cool Place to Work in Michigan

This is the fifth year Crain’s has recognized the state’s coolest workplaces, and with 100 companies it’s their biggest list yet. It’s a project that recognizes employers that go the extra mile to make employees feel appreciated — as judged by the employees themselves.

 Best Companies Group helped to produce the ranking. Any Michigan company with at least 15 employees could participate. First, the employer provided detailed information on its benefits and policies; next, its employees answered questions about workplace culture, company leadership and other aspects of work in a confidential, 80-question survey.

The employee survey, which seeks to determine, among other things, whether employees understand the long-term strategy of the company and whether they feel they are being groomed for future leadership positions, accounted for 75 percent of the final ranking.

Spire Integrated Systems ranked 38 out 100. Some contributing factors that made Spire a cool places to work:

  • Gym memberships are offered to all employees.
  • Has a company dog named Ginger.
  • Employees take turns grabbing breakfast for everyone on Fridays

Navot Shoresh (Spire’s President) was very proud of this achievement. He said, “This is a great honor, this recognition comes directly from the team at Spire, the men and women who call Spire their home. We will keep our mission going, making sure we create long lasting relationships with our clients, employees and Vendors. Employees responded to the call of creating a culture of caring for one another and put the client and team first.”

Here is what some of the employees had to say about working at Spire:

“It’s the overall positive attitude and environment that makes this place awesome. Everyone is welcoming, supportive and always willing to help. We work as a team, we keep each other motivated and on track. You walk away most days with a both a sense of appreciation and accomplishment. That’s a rare mix indeed, and I’m glad to part of it.”

“Spire provides an environment that employees feel they can express themselves through work, activities and verbally. Spire attempts to keep communication a two way street.”

“The types of interaction and technology is exciting. The compensation is awesome. Great atmosphere.”

“There are no limits to what you can achieve career wise here. If you work hard, contribute, you are rewarded generously. Communication is encouraged, ideas are welcomed, fairness is practiced. I feel valued and appreciated.”

“This organization makes it’s employees feel appreciated, noticed, and comfortable. The leadership makes it easy to accomplish any goals set in the company as well as provides the tools needed to reach those goals. The amount of teamwork in the company ensures great quality service and an awesome working environment.”

“We do cool stuff and have fun doing it.”

“We do the best work out of all the companies in our area. You get a sense of accomplishment when you complete a job.”

Other highlights that we think makes Spire a Cool Place to Work:

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