Spire: An Audio Visual Company That’s Always Here for You

One-On-One Assistance and In-Depth Consultations Lead to a Superior Experience

What’s your favorite thing to listen to? Is it the latest pop hits on Spotify or old-fashioned rock-n-roll on vinyl? True crime podcasts or in-depth post-game sports coverage? No matter your preferences, you should be able to listen and watch your favorite AV sources from the comfort of your home in style. Partnering with a high-performance audio visual company can make it a reality.

At Spire Integrated Systems, we strive to bring customized audio/video experiences and automation to luxury homes in Birmingham, MI and the surrounding areas. Keep reading below to learn how you can experience a one-on-one immersive experience in our showroom and how to bring the magic to your very own home.

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Customized Audio Visual Experiences

Listening experiences are as unique as snowflakes. Everyone has a preference. Some like to block out the world with noise-cancelling headphones, while others like decadently overstuffed furniture to melt into while they’re listening to their favorite songs playing from invisible speakers in the walls and ceilings. For watching movies and TV shows, imagine an ultra-high-definition flat screen display that elevates from within beautiful media cabinetry. You could also tap a button to have a projection screen roll down from the ceiling, then roll away out of sight again when it’s not in use.

To decide what’s the best fit for you and to see many of these scenarios in action, why not visit our showroom for yourself?


Our Showroom

You can call us to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom in Troy, Michigan for an exclusive listening and viewing experience. There we will meet one-on-one with you and your family to not only walk you through several different AV and automation scenarios but to start a conversation with you about what you expect from your home listening experiences. Just because something is brand-new to the market doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for your Birmingham-area home, so we won’t try to sell you something that you don’t need.

We’ll ask you questions about how your family enjoys music and movies to determine the best kinds of solutions for your home spaces. And because your showroom visit is exclusively for your family, there’s no rush. Take your time enjoying the sights and sounds we have to show you!


High-Performance Luxury

Included in our exclusive showroom experience are premium brands like MOON and Paradigm. We enjoy these brands because they take high-end listening and viewing experiences and take them up a notch. For example, Paradigm builds custom-length speakers to complement your flat panel TV for a sleek, minimal design. MOON, by Simaudio, has crafted a no-hassle solution to attaining hi-fi stereo sound by integrating the amp, preamp, and network player all into one system.


A premium listening and viewing experience are right around the corner when you work with the perfect audio visual company – Spire Integrated Systems. Contact us today to schedule a showroom visit to see what’s possible for your very own Michigan home!