Smart Lighting Can Help Fix Terrible Sleep Habits

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Smart Lighting Can Help Fix Terrible Sleep Habits

We all know getting a good nights rest is important to our health, however, most of us are just simply not getting that. But, why is this such a common occurrence? Getting too comfortable with hitting the snooze button in the morning could be one reason but environmental factors such as too much exposure to unhealthy light and not enough natural light is a sure one. Ketra smart lighting can help with that.

Today, 90% of our day is spent indoors, surrounded by static lighting systems and screens rather than natural light. This is a major contributor to why we’re sleeping poorly. Unnatural static light has been shown to disrupt our circadian rhythms and, therefore, our sleeping patterns, heightening our risk of serious health consequences like type 2 diabetes, cancer, clinical depression, and cardiovascular disease.

One way to solve this problem is by using smart lighting, such as Ketra, to move with your body clock and natural shifts in light rather than against them. Ketra is a smart lighting solution that has made dynamic light accessible in any environment with a flexible, fully integrated lighting and controls system.

Wake Up with the Sunrise

We all have experienced those mornings, where we dread hearing the alarm and do not want to get out of bed. It can be especially hard for the early risers that need to wake while still dark. Introducing lighting into your morning wake-up, can give you that energizing boost you need. Studies show that bright morning light is correlated to improved mood, productivity, and even sleep quality. Morning light plays a vital role in stimulating the release of cortisol, which prepares us for periods of activity.

With Ketra lighting, you can start your day gently as if you were rising naturally with the sun. Your morning wake-up can include more than just lighting. With Savant Scenes everything from climate, entertainment, motorized window treatments, and security can be programed to set exactly how you like it. Waking up already energized means no more hitting the snooze!

Wind Down with the Sunset

Winding down can be hard for some people, which can lead to staying up way too late. This can be a correlation to being exposed to bright lights and screens such as phones and TVs. Every evening, the hormone melatonin activates sleep and other nighttime processes in our bodies. Research shows that light tells the body when to secrete and suppress melatonin.

Programming Ketra lighting to act like a sunset and gradually lower to a softer and warmer illumination sends signals to the body and initiates a natural wind down cycle. This makes it easier to relax and ease into a sound sleep.

Better Sleep for the Whole Family

Families benefit from the effects of smart natural lighting as well. Those with young children know how much of a struggle bedtime can be and the “all too early” wake-ups. Parents can use the lighting systems to help relax and soothe children at night and in the morning as a teaching tool to remotely signal when it’s time to start the day. This can help children get more sleep and implement healthy habits from an early age. More sleep for them means more piece of mind and time for you.

Bed Time Lighting

We can’t forget the old days of plugged in automatic timers for electronics and light to simulate activity in the house when you’re away. Ketra smart lighting and Savant Scenes take this to the next level. You can set up programs and scenes that you use every day, even when you aren’t home. From the outside, the home looks very similar whether you’re there or not. The increased security of the lights simulating appropriate human activity can be an effective deterrent, which can help you sleep better when you’re away.

Incorporating smart lighting is a smart way to use technology to your advantage. Too often, technological advances do not consider our health or how we adapt to a world with so much focus on technology. Ketra smart lighting is changing that by making lighting helpful, easy to use, and totally worth it.

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