Save Time & Energy with Motorized Shades

More Than Simple Window Coverings, Automated Shades Add Sophistication to Every Space

Take a moment to think about how many windows you have in your Michigan home. According to ENERGY STAR, the average 2,800 square foot home has 28 windows, so how does your home compare? Walking throughout your estate to open or close every window covering can be an overwhelming task, especially if you make efforts to adjust shades every morning and night!

Not only do motorized shades add incredible convenience to your daily lifestyle, but they can help you save on your energy costs year-round and look great, too. Keep reading below to learn why Spire Integrated Systems enjoys adding this smart home solution to our customers’ homes in Petoskey and the surrounding areas.

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Energy Savings

With the Lutron Palladiom line, motorized shades pair with incredible control options that help homeowners reduce their energy expenditure year-round. As the sun begins to rise, you can adjust window treatments on the fly with the tap of a button or pre-schedule all of the shades on the east-facing side of your home to rise with the sun to let in beautiful, natural light. In-room temperature sensors signal to your shades to lower if a room becomes too warm or too cool for your liking.

These sensors also send a signal to your HVAC system to turn off or adjust to make the room more comfortable automatically, without a second thought by anyone. Intelligently designed fabrics will block heat in the summer months or insulate your home during the winter months. It’s impressive how smart solutions like these can help keep your Michigan home looking its best while saving you money.


A Beautiful Aesthetic

Form and function pair together nicely with Lutron motorized shades. Patented precision hembar alignment technology ensures the bottom edge of every shade is aligned and uniform for an attractive look. Other brands don’t offer the same precision, so they can often look sloppy when partially lowered – that’s simply not the case with Lutron shades!

We’ve written about the Palladom line of keypad control options and luxury finishes before. No matter your interior design aesthetic, you’re sure to find the perfect complement to your décor. Glass, mattes, and metals are all keypad options. Adjust shades one at a time or an entire room or floor of your home with a simple press of a button.


Integrate Shades with Your Control System

Our dedicated smart home system team can program motorized shades to operate in conjunction with all of the other smart home devices on your property. We can customize an “Away” smart scene that turns off interior lighting, lowers shades for privacy, and arms your security system in seconds.

Or let us create a “Movie Time” scene that lowers the shades to reduce glare, fires up the AV system, and dims the room’s lighting to the perfect setting for a fully immersive viewing experience. Manage all your smart technologies using one intuitive home control system that scales in size to accommodate additional devices whenever you add them in the future.


To learn more about the luxury and convenience of motorized window treatments or other innovative home solutions from Spire, connect with us here to request a consultation. We look forward to serving you!