Savant’s New Home Control App

Savant Home Automation App

Savant’s New Personalized Home Control App

Imagine walking into your home and the lights automatically turn on, the temperature is set to the exact setting you like and your favorite playlist starts to play within a specific room. With the new Savant App, you don’t have to imagine any longer. Savant has developed a home control app that is so personalized it can match your lifestyle from the time you get up to the time you go to bed.


Personalized Control

Using the personalized interface from a tablet or smartphone, you can control lighting, climate, entertainment and security within any of your rooms. When you start the app, you see a screen containing every room in your house, personalized by an actual picture of the room. It can also be customized into images that represent the rooms.


With a simply glance, you can see the state of each room. You are able to see what lights are on, if music is playing, security settings and the temperature of any room. Touch the picture of any of the rooms and you are able to change the room’s settings from virtually anywhere.


Savant Scenes

Another personalized setting the Savant App has is called Scenes, where you can create, capture and schedule your own particular settings that incorporate multiple services at once.


Schedule a “Good Morning” scene to warm the house, open the shades, and turn the news on in the kitchen.


Set the scene for Movie Night with a click of button, the lights can dim, the TV turns on and starts to play that night’s entertainment.


The options are endless with Savant’s personalized scenes because the app is designed to suit the way you live.


To get a hands on demonstration or for more questions on how your home can benefit from the Savant App, contact Spire Integrated Systems Inc directly.

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