Should you spend $1000 on an Access Point? Ruckus R700

Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 Enterprise Access Point


Last year Ruckus Wireless, Inc. introduced the Ruckus ZoneFlex R700, the world’s first dual-band, three-stream indoor Wi-Fi product specifically designed from the ground up built on the new 802.11ac standard. The R700 is the only 802.11ac product on the market that integrates patented Ruckus BeamFlex+™ adaptive antenna array technology to extend the range, reliability and speed of indoor Wi-Fi services, giving enterprises and service providers the ability to offer reliable, gigabit-class Wi-Fi performance.


Operating as a standalone access point (AP) or part of a centrally managed wireless LAN (WLAN), the Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 is purpose-built for the 802.11ac standard, and is ideal for high capacity and challenging Wi-Fi environments such as airports, hotels, schools, hospitals, warehouses and high-density venues.


The ZoneFlex R700 is also the only 802.11ac product on the market to incorporate six custom smart antenna arrays—one for each band and spatial stream. This unique capability allows Wi-Fi transmissions to be focused and automatically directed over the fastest signal paths for each client. The result is better signal decorrelation, stronger signals to client devices, higher sustained data rates at longer distances, increased AP capacity and gigabit-class Wi-Fi performance.


Although even with the promise of improved performance across the board, the price tag has left some consumers a little concerned. Is everything the R700 have to offer worth purchasing for over $1000?


The people at LinusTechTips put it to the test. Check out the video to see if the Ruckus ZoneFlex R700 is right for your home or business.




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