recreational room

A Space to Party, Relax and Enjoy

Recreational Room


Recreational Room

What should your dream entertainment space look like? Multiple flat panel TV’s showing multiple games at once? A drop down projection screen? Music queued up at the touch of a button, played through hidden speakers while you shoot some pool? Or maybe all of the above? A recreational room are all about possibilities. From sports and gaming to movies and music, they do it all. Our free moments are precious and valuable, so why not build a recreational room that’s a perfect fit?

Spire can design an area that features multiple TVs, an automated, in-ceiling projector, complete surround sound and lighting control that will enhance your custom bar, billiards, gaming area, wine cellar and even spotlight your authentic sports memorabilia. The system can be automated so that the single touch of a button can set the scene for your event.

For the ultimate entertainment venue, a recreational room is the way to go. Contact Spire to learn more about creating the ultimate recreational room in your home.

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