fully integrated media room

One Room. Endless Possibilities.

Fully Integrated Media Room


Fully Integrated Media Room

Life-size players dominate the big screen, the sound of the stadium filling the room as kickoff nears. Adjacent on a smaller TV, your avatar kicks a field goal, causing groans from your friends. Glasses clink at the bar as drinks are poured. Behind, you hear the break as another round of pool begins. Media rooms are mixed-use spaces offering near theater quality audio and video with a more casual feel. More than a TV room, a media room offers the best of both worlds.

Choosing a media room starts with selecting the proper space. Whether modifying an existing room, or in the design phase of a new home, Spire will design the space to enhance value and functionality. Speaker placement will be determined by the room layout and sound requirements. Often the rear-effects speakers will be flush-mounted in the ceiling to provide excellent sound regardless of openings or furnishings in the room.

To preserve the aesthetics of the interior design, audio/video equipment is built in to keep it out of sight, while still allowing for easy accessibility. To further enhance the room’s performance and functionality, blackout shades, acoustical treatments and lighting control are a great accompaniment.

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