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Genji Steakhouse Modern Sushi

 Multiple Personalities, to Order

Genji Steakhouse can change its mood and even its structure with a simple finger-press on an AMX-controlled iPad. When it comes to sophisticated but intuitive control, even fine dining restaurants rely on AMX. While Genji Steakhouse in Novi, Michigan, may appear to be simply a Japanese sushi bar and modern teppanyaki, it is also a tech marvel in the restaurant industry with its use of both lighting control systems and shades. In fact, through the use of technology, Genji is able to change its personality with preset moods, shifting from private business lunch atmosphere to evening hotspot, with the touch of a finger.By manipulating custom printed shades, lighting, and LED effects on an iPad running the AMX TPControl app, Genji is able to transform the customer’s experience each time he or she visits the restaurant, elevating every meal into a memorable dining experience.
Sitting down at the bar means pulling up a seat to first-class entertainment. Three ceiling-hung Tvs are suspended over a baby grand piano, so visitors can watch the game while listening to an amazing live performance. Distributed audio and video systems are managed by AMX NI-2100, AMX NI-3100, and AMX NI-700 Integrated Controllers. Because these controllers are located in a centralized equipment rack, the usual electronic clutter behind the bar is not an issue. No matter how technologically uninitiated the bartender might be, the custom iPad interface makes it easy to set the mood. With a single touch, staff can set different lighting options, change the TV channels, or activate live mics.
A 3×5 video wall is the focal point of the main dining room. Easily controlled through an intuitive AMX user interface, the video wall can display graphics and images to set the mood for the evening, or be divided to display multiple channels simultaneously, entertaining all restaurant guests at once. Inspired by shoji screens, custom, silk-screen printed dividers let Genji change the physical space of the dining room to fit parties of all sizes.
While Genji is a great place to grab a drink, go for sushi, or order up hibachi, it’s more than that; it’s a shape-shifting work of art that harnesses the latest in control technology to create an engaging and versatile environment.
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AMX NI-2100 Integrated Controller
AMX NI-3100 Integrated Controller
AMX NI-700 Integrated Controller
AMX TPControl iPad App
AMX EXB-REL8 Relay Interface
AMX EXB-IRS4 ICSLan IR/S Interface

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