Sleek Designs with Contemporary Refinement and Flair

Séura is an award-winning manufacture of Television Mirrors, Waterproof Televisions, Outdoor Televisions, and Lighted Mirrors. Séura delivers unsurpassed visual entertainment in surprisingly elegant ways. With innovation at the heart of every design, Séura continues to push the envelope with solution-based technologies.

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Outdoor Television

Weatherproof Outdoor TVs

What could be better than sitting out in the warm spring air enjoying your favorite shows and movies on a TV screen designed to withstand not only the elements, but also the glare that comes from being in the open air? How about two newly updated all-weather TVs from Séura, each designed to shine their brightest in different outdoor environments.

Since its inception, the Séura Outdoor TV has pioneered the world of outdoor AV design, and the two newly designed models, Storm™ and Storm Ultra Bright™, are no exception.

Séura’s outdoor TVs feature sleek, slim designs equipped with expertly crafted exteriors and durable weatherproof capabilities. Delivering the perfect balance of technology and design, the elegant Storm and Storm Ultra Bright combine unrivaled dependability and superior image quality to provide state-of-the-art solutions for all environments.

Séura’s outdoor TVs transform any backyard or outdoor area into an exciting space of entertainment. They have a model for every outdoor application, from Storm Ultra Bright, made for direct sunlight applications, to Storm, made for use in non-direct sunlight.

Séura Storm Ultra Bright

Best picture for all outdoor conditions – even direct sunlight

Bright sunlight can wash out the picture of other TVs, even in shaded areas. Designed with LuminOptics™ technology that combines a 700-nit panel brightness with dual anti-reflective screen coatings, Storm Ultra Bright provides a vibrant image and prevents screen washout, making it the brightest outdoor TV for direct sunlight viewing. The ultra-quiet Activ™ Airflow System keeps delicate electronics operating smoothly regardless of exterior conditions.

Séura Storm

Optimized Performance for Shaded Locations

The super sleek 2.7-inch design of Storm makes it the thinnest outdoor TV available. Storm features a polished perimeter, a seamless anti-glare glass face and is designed with the latest 4K/UHD picture resolution that provides a crisp image for a superior TV viewing experience. Storm is designed with a 450-nit panel brightness and also features an anti-reflective screen coating for a vivid image.

Mirror Television

Séura Vanishing Vanity TV Mirrors

TV when you want it. Decor when you need it.

Séura TV Mirrors are surprisingly magical. When on, the TV mirrors provide immediate access to news and media. When off, the television vanishes without a hint of its technical applications. Don’t settle for a traditional television that distracts from your carefully designed interior. Séura provides solutions that deliver high-performance technology you need, and the invisibility you want.

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