Prima Cinema

The Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Imagine never missing that critical opening scene ever again. Imagine the ability to watch a film anytime you want and having control over your film-going experience. With PRIMA Cinema, show times are a thing of the past. They are the first premium entertainment company that delivers Hollywood films directly to your private home theater.

Theatrical Experience At Home

It’s time to transform your home theater into an actual theater. PRIMA Cinema delivers films in better than Blu-ray quality and digital master theatrical surround sound, truly bringing home the missing piece to contemporary home theaters. No other digital movie format can provide a higher quality than what PRIMA Cinema delivers.

How PRIMA Cinema Works

PRIMA Cinema is only intended for private, residential, non-commercial use and must be installed by a PRIMA Cinema Authorized Dealer into a professionally-installed home theater which meets Hollywood Studio and PRIMA Cinema specified standards.

With PRIMA Cinema’s proprietary system, encrypted films are continuously and securely delivered over the Internet and stored locally, allowing for instant playback and no streaming or buffering during your viewing.

Spire Integrated Systems is the only Authorized Dealer in Michigan that sells and installs the PRIMA Cinema system. Contact Spire Integrated Systems for more information on how you can enjoy Hollywood films in the comfort, privacy, and security of your own home.