Music Streaming


Imagine the ultimate entertainment experience. All your treasured music at your fingertips. Simply touch, and instantly enjoy your digital media in living color and pristine audio fidelity. Play a song that brings back a memory. Introduce a friend to something new. Set the stage for a perfect evening.

Control 15

The Control 15 features the most intuitive and beautifully designed touchscreen interface. Storage, playback and control functions are all taken care of by this elegant, high-tech design. Your entire collection is displayed with full album cover art on a 17-inch high-contrast screen. A simple tap of your finger takes you to your favorite album, or give the system cues based on your own criteria, and it will develop a playlist for you.

The Control 15 will reconnect you with your existing music collection and inspire you to discover new music. Thanks to Meridian’s resolution enhancement technologies, the Control 15 provides clear, lifelike music making it not only fun to use, but also a pleasure to listen to.



Control 15, Meridian Sooloos Digital Media System