All Meridian Loudspeakers employ Meridian’s award-winning DSP technologies, contains amplification, on-board digital signal processing, and two drivers. The result is a strikingly attractive loudspeaker that provides a perfect entry into the range of DSP Loudspeakers.

DSP3200 Digital Active Loudspeaker

The DSP3200 is a compact loudspeaker that provides performance beyond its compact dimensions. Couple it with the Audio Core 200 and you have a great system for intimate listening spaces. The precision-manufactured cabinet is finished in a high-gloss white and high-gloss black, and is perfectly suited to an extensive variety of room locations including bookshelf, on wall, as well as on floor stands.

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DSP3300 Digital Active Loudspeaker

Ingeniously engineered to be versatile within your home, the DSP3300 is an ideal building block in a compact Meridian system. The DSP3300’s precision-manufactured cabinet includes a rubber mount, enabling the speaker to be placed horizontally or vertically with no reduction in sound quality. The design is also suitable for wall mounting.


DSP5200 Digital Active Loudspeaker

Providing astonishing musical power, the DSP5200 redefines the compact floor standing loudspeaker category. A truly full range loudspeaker, the DSP5200 often surprises listeners with their ability to provide deep impactful bass. Standard finishes are offered in Piano Lacquered white or black. Included in the Meridian Select program, 270 bespoke color finishes are available, making them at home in any décor.


DSP7200 Digital Active Loudspeaker

From its piano lacquered curved cabinet to its raked rear heat sink, the DSP7200 can be called “functional art.” Standing at just over one metre, The DSP7200 outperforms loudspeakers of up to four times their size, providing a convincing and life-size performance at home. Meridian’s unique DSP technologies provide the DSP7200 with freedom of room placement without sonic penalty. A new Enhanced Bass Alignment provides natural sounding bass that simply must be heard.


DSP8000 Digital Active loudspeaker

Every aspect of the DSP8000 design is in the service of reproducing music. The unique construction of a separate head provides convincingly natural voice reproduction, while the discrete bass cabinet provides effortless deep bass. Its cabinet material, “Meridium,” was carefully chosen to have no influence on its reproduced sound. Even its beautiful lacquer finish enhances its performance. The DSP8000, like a fine musical instrument, is designed for a lifetime of enjoyment.


M6 Digital Active Loudspeaker

From the gently tapered column to its spherical base, the M6 offers a stunning contemporary design to complement your home. The slim, compact enclosure looks beautiful from 360 degrees, while providing an open sound that can be enjoyed anywhere in the room. The M6 is the perfect loudspeaker for people whose love of music is an integral part of their lifestyle.


In-Wall Loudspeaker

Meridian’s in-wall speakers offer floor-standing loudspeaker performance, without a single inch of floor space. Featuring an elegant profile only 8 inches wide, they are perfect for delivering high quality music discretely in any room. The in-wall speakers including Enhanced Bass Alignment and Centre Elevation, providing incredibly lifelike and spacious sound. This makes them a perfect choice for stereo or full surround with virtually no visual impact to the decor. They deliver floor-standing loudspeaker performance, without a single inch of floor space.


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