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LILIN, is a global IP video manufacturer of IP video cameras, recording devices, and software with over 30 years of experience. Throughout the years, the company has maintained its dedication to Creativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward.

LILIN offers the perfect solution for unlimited applications. They provide the IP Video solution and traditional analogue solution for any requirement, within any industry. Contact Spire to discuss how LILIN camera solutions can benefit your home or business.

Home Solutions

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Digital Home

Home automation is a rising market, striving to simplify the electronic clutter that has become a part of everyday life. Providing the ability to manage virtually any device in the home, even when away, digital home technology places the control in the homeowners’ hands. With safety being a major concern, surveillance and alarm systems naturally tie into the home automation scheme, and innovative integration mean the term “smart home” will not only translate as being high-tech, but also as being safe.

In continuing with LILIN’s dedication to diverse and cutting-edge integration solutions with AMX, Control4, Crestron, Fermax, Savant, and URC, the new Digital Home Solution from LILIN and automation partners is an amazing step for home automation technology.

This partnership adds to the LILIN experience with a smart, convenient and efficient method of managing and monitoring HD video through the automation interface.

The Home Solution

The entire LILIN catalogue is now compatible with home automation systems, allowing users to view and control their LILIN cameras on any device of AMX, Control4, Crestron, Fermax, Savant, and URC. The setup is simple: The control features available allow users to move cameras, zoom, and select presets directly from automation devices’ interface — including TV’s, mobile devices, and touch-screen stations! Whether pulling a 16-camera view onto the TV for constant viewing or checking in on the kids from an iPhone during a lunch break, LILIN’s integration with home automation systems makes safety, security, and peace of mind the simplest of solutions.

Commercial Solutions

Business Solutions LILIN Cameras

Knowing your business is safe and secure at all hours is always on your mind, through system integration you can always have the peace-of-mind that comes with always knowing. LILIN camera system can do just that by allowing you to monitor your business from anywhere – easily on your tablet or smart phone.

LILIN offers total solution for businesses that include cameras, NVR, and video management system Navigator. The integrated solution focuses on ePOS management, audio recording, easy installation, easy camera setup, energy saving, video management for large cameras perfect for any business.

Spire can develop your business a security system that is both effective and easily controlled by you. Contact Spire about discussing your security needs.


Contact Spire to see the full camera catalog.

large white mounted lilin security camera


chrome lilin security camera, mounted

IPR7922E4 / IPR7922E6

rounded white lilin home security camera


lilin home security camera


chrome lilin home security camera


large white lilin security camera


Camera Features

LILIN Pro series cameras offer the following features:

Sense Up+

Deliver outstanding video outputs in poor light conditions without experiencing motion blur. You can see video clearly even during nighttime without sufficient lighting support.

Sense Up+

Face Detection

Automatically detects a human face

Face Detection

Video Security App

Available on Android and iOS – LILINViewer app provides security alarm push notification, real-time live viewing, and remote video playback.

Video Security App

Day and Night Operations via Removal of the IR-cut filter

LILIN Pro series cameras are designed using a mechanical IR cut filter for increased IR sensitivity resulting in improved night time images. The removable IR-cut filter allows day and night operations even in the low lux condition providing outstanding vision.

Day and Night Operations


Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is a standard for physical IP based security products. IPD2122 camera is ONVIF Profile S conformant Detect motion and capture the event. Motion in the selected area will provoke an alert Tamper


Motion Detection

Detect motion and capture the event. Motion in the selected area will provoke an alert

Motion Detection

Tamper Detection

Automatically detects camera sabotage or failure. Detects any attempts to tamper with the camera – partially or completely blocking its lens or field of view

Tamper Detection

Wide Dynamic Range

An Wide Dynamic Range image is made by taking 3 frames of the same scene and each at different shutter speeds to display details of both the darkest and brightest areas. WDR can extend image visibility under high contrast lighting scenes and improve image quality

Wide Dynamic Range

Back Light Compensation

Back Light Compensation (BLC) adjusts the exposure of the entire image to properly expose the subject in the foreground. No matter if the main object is moving toward left, right, upper, lower, or any location in the screen, BLC provides perfect exposure for an object in front of strong back light

Back Lightn Compensation

SD Cards in Sync with NAV Software

LILIN Pro series cameras built-in Micro SD/SDHC card slots can provide redundant video viewing and recording. You can synchronise an SD card with LILIN VMS (Video Management Software) – Navigator (NAV)

SD Cards

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