GoldenEar Speakers

A Passion for Sonic Perfection

Spire Integrated Systems is proud to be an authorized GoldenEar dealer. None of GoldenEars products are offered for sale over the Internet or by Mail Order. GoldenEar Technology provides a warranty only on products sold by authorized dealers.

With GoldenEar loudspeakers you will not be aware of the sound coming from the specific locations of the speakers. Instead, the sound-stage will spread seamlessly and fill in the spaces between all the speakers. It will extend beyond them in terms of depth and above them in terms of height. This almost magical quality of superb imaging is what allows you to close your eyes and imagine that you are in Carnegie Hall listening to the Philadelphia Orchestra, in Madison Square Garden listening to the Rolling Stones, in the Village Vanguard listening to John Coltrane alive again or rocketing through space in a star cruiser dodging meteors.

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