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Future Automation

Moving Audio Visual Solutions

Don’t sacrifice design for function. Future Automation offers solutions to move and conceal televisions, projectors, appliances and other similar equipment for functional and aesthetic purposes. Their line of mounts and lifts allow AV products to be integrated within the fabric of a room, making them as unobtrusive, effective, and as easy to operate as possible.

Spire Integrated Systems can design and install a system that seamlessly integrates with any room. To learn more about expanding your entertaining space, contact Spire.


Imagine not a bad seat in the house. Future Automation mounts make viewing your television from every position a possibility and once you’re done, the TV can be concealed in the ceiling or laid flat against the wall.

Swivel Bracket

For the ultimate viewing experience, the swivel bracket allows you to view your flat screen in a variety of positions. Perfect for recessing screens in walls for a completely flush finish.


From your bedroom to the kitchen, imagine no TV in sight, and appliance free counter tops. With a press of button, your TV lowers from a hidden department or your coffee maker rises from the counter top.

Projector Drop Lift

Superbly height efficient and functional with a range of drop options, it is the perfect way to transform any living space into a home cinema.

Box Lift

The Box Lift is a generic lifting platform that rises vertically out of furniture, floors, or cabinets. Comes in a range of lifting heights for versatility and functionality.

Future Automation offers a large selection of innovated lifts that can accommodate just about any space.

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