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Exterior view of a large smart home estate featuring a hot tub, outdoor entertainment, and customized lighting.

You Need More than Someone’s Best Effort. You Need The Spire Difference.

The modern home comes with a lot of bells and whistles, but how do you know which smart home technologies you need and which you should leave behind? Having an outdoor sound system may seem like the ultimate entertainment experience for some, but if you prefer to spend your time inside watching movies while cozy on the couch, then outdoor audio may not be a good fit for your lifestyle.

Considering new or upgraded home technology solutions for your home in Birmingham, MI, or the surrounding areas can feel like an overwhelming task. That is unless you have the right partner by your side! Spire Integrated Systems can make the experience enjoyable by guiding you along the way from start to finish, and we even have post-installation support plans if you experience any issues in the future.

Keep reading below to learn how a smart home company like Spire can change your daily lifestyle!

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Customized For You

Crafting Savant smart homes that make life easier is our specialty. We’ll ask you several questions about your lifestyle at our initial consultation. Are you an audiophile or a cinephile – perhaps you’re both! Do you enjoy hosting parties? Do you want to have a place in your home where the entire family can enjoy gaming, movies, and TV shows? Your answers to these and other questions help our team understand your unique habits and routines; from that understanding, we’ll develop and propose a Savant smart home design for your approval.


Solutions That Make Life Simpler

There are several different smart home solutions on the market today than can make homeowners’ lives more convenient, reduce energy waste, and add a touch of luxury to daily living.

Motorized shades from makers like Savant and Lutron offer one-touch natural light management to any room of your Michigan home while adding stylish fabrics and design options. Smart surveillance systems provide peace of mind, letting you view live and previously recorded video footage of whatever is happening on your property from the convenience of your smartphone or Savant tablet.

Imagine tapping a button and having your entire room respond. Shades lower to reduce glare on the TV display, lights dim to the perfect setting, and your AV system queues up your favorite streaming network or Blu-ray player. A smart home theater or media room experience is possible at the tap of a button on a universal smart remote, your smartphone, or a control system display.


Total Home Control

Now think of what the experience would be like to live in a home where all of your technology subsystems work in conjunction with one another. A Savant smart home control system lets you manage everything from an intuitive interface that everyone in the family – even your guests – can easily operate.


The Spire Difference

We’re a proud smart home company, and we love providing superior home solutions to homeowners. Contact us using our online form to start a conversation about your project!