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Michigan is known for the breathtaking views of its lakes. Imagine snuggling under the stars by the outdoor fireplace watching your favorite movie on TV or relaxing under a pergola with music playing softly in the background. Spire made this possible for this Northern Michigan home.

A 65” Sunbrite 4K outdoor TV was installed above the fireplace with B&W outdoor speakers in the ceiling. Outdoor audio and video is crafted for the exterior environment with durable weatherproof capabilities. They are specifically designed to handle rain, snow, dust, insects, humidity and extreme temperatures throughout the different seasons.

Spire’s design team created a custom layout for the outdoor speaker system. Using the landscape plan, they created zones showing the best possible placement for all of the satellites and subwoofers. This ensures balanced audio while being hidden among the foliage. Whether strolling by the dock or watching the sun reflecting off the lake from the patio, the radiating sounds of the Sonance speaker system can be enjoyed throughout the different zones. Best of all, this entire system is controlled by the one touch technology of Savant.

Explore the inside technology of this completely renovated smart home.

  • Sonance Outdoor Speaker Systems
  • Sunbrite 4K Outdoor TV
  • B&W Outdoor Speakers
  • Savant Control

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