Modern Transitional Living Room

Hidden Technology at It’s Best

As you walk into this modern living space, you are greeted by the amble sunlight from the skylights and large window that extends from the ground to the ceiling. A pleasing space to enjoy a book next to the fireplace but it much more than that. With a press of a button, shades lower covering every window, blocking all sunlight. A screen descend from above the fireplace and a projector lowers from the ceiling. The Meridian speakers that were artfully accenting the room begin to play. This modern living space seamlessly is transitioned to a high performing theater room.

Spire Integrated Systems Inc. specializes in the design and installation of award-winning theater systems that meet the lifestyle, decor and budget of the homeowner. In the comforts of your own home enjoy the dynamics of a full-screen viewing arena, complete with spectacular surround sound system, custom acoustical treatments, ambiance lighting, simple automated touch panel control and luxurious theater seating. Whether watching the latest high-definition cinematic astonishment, hearing every note of a composition, or partaking in a larger-than-life game experience, a home theater will enhance your home.

When you are ready to enjoy the convenience and rewards of a home theater system, contact Spire Integrated Systems. Spire’s expertise in conscious design, ever-changing technology and priority service, will make you a captive audience. Please schedule a private tour of our showroom in Troy, MI to learn how we can take your home to a new level.

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