Spire Integrated Systems is partnering with M1 Concourse

M1 Concourse

More than just a Car Storage

Imagine a place where you can enjoy your passion for all things automotive and motorsports. You can have your own Private Garage surrounded by other collectors, repair and restoration shops, restaurants and even a test track. M1 Concourse does just that! Car buffs can store and work on cars while mingling with other like-minded enthusiasts. The grounds are made up of individual garages (called condos) that enthusiasts can turn into a fully equipped repair shop, a living room-like lounge with a couch or anything in between.

Spire Integrated Systems is partnering with M1 Concourse to customize the condos to the owner’s specific needs. From climate-control to high performance audio-video, Spire can create the ultimate car garage.

Car Condos
The garages are any where from 600-square-foot unit all the way up to 4,800-square-foot unit. They come with plumbing and electrical hookups, and owners will have 24/7 access to them. Owners will also be guaranteed at least 6 hours per week of time on the track and access to events taking place through out the year.

M1 Concourse is planned to be opening late this summer along Woodward Ave. in Pontiac, MI on the former General Motors plant site.

Contact Spire Integration Systems for more information on a car condo in M1 Concourse or about customizing your garage.