Ketra Lighting for Designers

President of Jones-Keena & Co., Lucy Earl discuss using Ketra lighting as a designer. Spire Integrated Systems installed Ketra lighting in her showroom. She shares how she uses Ketra lighting with her design clients and how they benefit from it.

Ketra has revolutionized the lighting industry through the creation of a new category: Natural Light. From the energizing midday sun to the familiar, soothing glow of a candle, Natural Light changes throughout the day, following the formula created by nature, synchronizing circadian rhythms to live healthier, happier, more productive lives.

The Ketra lighting products are aligned with Spire’s commitment to design and high performing technology. It takes an advanced manufacturing technique and accurate calibration to produce a specific illumination that gives a high quality of light that also works nicely as a design element in a domestic environment.

Jones-Keena & Co. is an eclectic team of designers known for interiors that interpret different styles and explore the unique personalities within each genre. They focus on the lifestyle of each client to create the finest quality projects with the highest business integrity.