Kaleidescape Introduces a New Movie Player

Kaleidescape Alto

The Kaleidescape Alto

Kaleidescape, Inc. announced the launch of the Kaleidescape Alto, a movie player that is targeted at the millions of consumers in the United States and Canada that own home theaters with large screen TVs and multichannel audio. Kaleidescape Alto is the first movie player to import 100% of its locally-stored content from the cloud, via downloads from the Kaleidescape Store. With over 8,500 movies and 1,600 TV seasons licensed from the major motion picture studios, the Kaleidescape Store now offers the best online selection of movies and TV shows available, all in Blu-ray or DVD quality.


Kaleidescape Alto is an attractive addition to any family room, media room, or home theater. The Kaleidescape Alto:


  • Provides the award-winning Kaleidescape user interface, which makes choosing the perfect movie an entertaining and engaging experience for the whole family.
  • Stores downloaded content on a hard drive – up to 100 movies in Blu-ray quality (600 movies in DVD quality).
  • Can be combined with other Kaleidescape Alto players to create a system that supports up to four viewing zones, and stores up to 400 movies in Blu-ray quality (2,400 movies in DVD quality).
  • Offers customers the ability to upgrade their DVDs and Blu-ray discs to digital versions downloaded from the Kaleidescape Store.


Over the past 11 years, Kaleidescape has established the leading brand for high-end movie servers and players by delivering convenience and simplicity in the form of a beautifully-designed onscreen user interface that enables customers and their families to enjoy the movies they love in the comfort of their home. Kaleidescape carefully engineers its products and services to enable home theaters to produce an experience that is immersive and richly cinematic. With the Kaleidescape Store, customers purchase downloadable content with quality that precisely matches that of a Blu-ray disc or DVD. The Kaleidescape Store is aware of all of the titles that customers own, enabling it to make intelligent recommendations.


“Kaleidescape provides more than just products,” said Franklin Karp, COO at Audio Video Systems in Plainview, NY. “The company has always offered innovative value-added services ranging from system health monitoring to curating the best movie scenes to watch for bite-sized entertainment. Now the Kaleidescape Store delivers the best movies as digital downloads, with the stunning quality of Blu-ray and support for Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Atmos, and DTS-HD Master Audio multichannel soundtracks. Streaming devices and services fall well short of the standard our clients expect from the home theater environments we create for them.”


“Our goal has always been to deliver Kaleidescape’s high-end experience to millions of families,” said Cheena Srinivasan, founder and CEO of Kaleidescape. “What makes Kaleidescape Alto possible is our Store, with incredible content, including movies available for download soon after their theatrical release. We help consumers discover and enjoy the finest movies, and we help the studios develop the emerging electronic-sell-through market segment. We have always served the custom residential market, and we plan to continue to build our success there.”


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