Incorporate Lighting Design from the Beginning of Your Projects

With Lutron Lighting, Michigan Homes Shine Beautifully

Lights can do more than simply turn on or off. They can dim and brighten, add to the ambiance of your Petoskey, MI home, and help energize or relax you throughout your day. Lighting can showcase artwork and help you see the tasks at hand, too. No matter your lifestyle, lighting is essential.

And with Lutron lighting, you can do so much more. Beautiful custom-etched designer keypads complement your interior stylings, and Ketra tunable lighting offers every color on the spectrum. Keep reading below to learn more and why it’s essential to start thinking about lighting design before walls ever go up in new construction projects.

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Start From the Beginning

The best time to consider lighting design is before any drywall is ever installed. At that point, our smart lighting specialists can perform a walk-through of a home to determine the best location and types of lighting for each area. Receptacle boxes, wiring needs, and more can all be included in this assessment, plus the necessary electrical load needs.

From there, we’ll work with all stakeholders during every step of the new build process – architects, builders, and interior designers – to customize and install a lighting design that fits the homeowner’s needs while respecting the other projects going on in the build process, too.

Tunable Lighting

One of the most exciting advancements in smart interior lighting is Ketra’s tunable lighting. Visible light is made up of a spectrum of colors – all of those in a rainbow plus everything in between! – yet traditional incandescent and LED lighting only shines one color at one color temperature. With two-channel tunable white lighting, you have the flexibility of a warm white and a cool white; with dynamic spectrum lighting from Ketra, you have the entire spectrum of colors to choose from that uses four channels of red, blue, green, and white LEDs.

This dynamic lighting can be custom-tailored to every space, every member of the family, and every task that occurs in your Petoskey-area home.

Luxury Finishes

Adding smart technologies into your design doesn’t need to look bulky or boring. With Lutron’s Palladiom keypads, there are a wide selection of elegant finishes including metallic, glass, and matte options. One to four-gang plates with two to 4 buttons will offer exactly what homeowners need to control their home without detracting from the design. Large, tactile buttons can be custom-engraved and are backlit to easily be seen no matter the time of day. Homeowners can turn lights on or off, dim an entire room’s fixtures at once, or initiate a sequence of device responses with smart scenes.

An “Entertain” scene will adjust interior lighting to a fun, warm glow and tune your multi-room audio system to the perfect pop playlist for your next dinner party. The “Relax” scene can dim lights in the bedroom to a warm, candlelight glow and lower the automated shades for additional privacy. And if you don’t want to get up from your comfortable seat, no problem. Simply pull out your smartphone to adjust the lighting on the fly! With Lutron lighting, you elevate your lifestyle to new heights of luxury while complementing your interior décor simultaneously.

We’re always happy to assist, and if you’re ready to add tunable Ketra lighting, Lutron Palladiom keypads, or other smart home automation features to your Michigan home, connect with us now before the walls on your new construction home go up! We can’t wait to hear from you.