Meridian’s DSP320 In-Wall / In-Ceiling Audio Speakers are Made to Be Hidden

Meridian DSP320
Some people love showing off their sound system. The lights, the shiny black enclosures, and the performance; it’s like one big AV showcase. However, some systems are made to be hidden—and do just fine in a confined space.

Installing in-wall and in-ceiling audio speakers can produce great sound, all while freeing up your floor space. Meridian’s latest is a compact in-wall/in-ceiling solution that ditches the room clutter, but can still crank awesome sound almost anywhere in the house.
Meridian Speakers
Meridian’s DSP320 in-wall/in-ceiling audio speakers promise to deliver music that’s as close to the original performance as possible, all without sacrificing any of your living space. According to Meridian, this custom install option was actually designed for in-ceiling applications, but is slim enough for an in-wall setup as well. It can even be paired with Meridian’s free-standing DSP loudspeakers.

“The DSP320 features an 85mm wide-range driver and an oval bass driver, combining high performance with compact size,” says Meridian on its website. “The use of a wide-range driver across the speech band helps create a loudspeaker with an effortless sound that remains clear, open and spacious, even at high listening levels. The drivers are mounted into the front of the enclosure itself, while a separate upper case holds the electronics, consisting of DSP, digital audio converters and an individual 80W Class D amplifier per driver.”

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*By Rachel Cericola Contributing Writer for Electronic House
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