How To Stay Healthy at Home Utilizing Technology

How To Stay Healthy at Home Utilizing Technology

How To Stay Healthy
at Home Utilizing Technology

As we try to adjust to life changes due to the COVID-19 outbreak we’re all seeking different ways to reach a new normal. Even though these times are tough it’s important to stay home so that we can combat this virus. We’re all in this together and will make it through this. It’s also important to keep a healthy mindset and stay active. With today’s advanced technology we have the ability to stay motivated, keep connected and even find entertainment for the whole family.

Here are 7 ways that technology can help homeowners stay healthy during this time.

1. Attend a Concert at Home

Whether it’s slow dancing with your partner in the kitchen or streaming a concert from Stingray Qello, music can transform you to another space. So turn up your Meridian Loudspeakers and immerse yourself deeper into music. Revisit songs you haven’t listen to in awhile. Maybe you’ll hear something you didn’t notice before.

2. AirPlay Makes Virtual Visits Easier

Don’t just watch videos on your phone – move it to your TV. AirPlay allows you to stream or share content from your Apple phone or ipad to your Apple TV. Viewing virtual classes offered by gyms, yoga or karate studios on a larger screen adds to the experience, creating the feeling of actually being there. It can also help make FaceTime easier for large groups.

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3. In-Home Sports Simulator

A sports simulator is a perfect way to spend quality family time. With the different types of software available to “simulate” your favorite sport you can stay in the game and enjoy a round of golf, football, baseball or even basketball with the kids. The Full Swing Golf Simulator offers interactive gameplay for the whole family to enjoy. Or you can take a little “me” time to practice your putting skills and stay ahead of the competition.

Full Swing Golf Simulator

Full Swing MultiSport Simulator

4. Bring Natural Light Inside

Now with having to spend more time inside our bodies aren’t receiving the stimulus needed to maintain proper health and rest. Cloudy days can even worsen our moods. Ketra Natural Lighting is a revolutionary technology allowing a shift in color temperature and intensity throughout the day. Following the formula created by nature, it produces crisp and bright during the day, soft and warm in the evening, delivering just what the bodies need.

5. Unplug – Reduce Screen Time

Apps like “OurPact” or “Offtime” are designed to help parents monitor their kids screen times as well as help adults be more aware of their screen time use. With so much home time right now, it may become necessary to set screen time limits for everyone. They can also help control what kids can watch, giving parents a piece of mind.

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6. Learn Something New

YouTube is a great place to learn how to cook new recipes for a delicious healthy meal for your family, or to find fun activities for the kids. It’s also a great place to find “how to” and instructions for just about anything.

Learn Something New on YouTube

7. Get Enough Vitamin D

Some of us might need a little extra push during quarantine. Set your motorized shades on a timer to be woken by refreshing sunlight in the morning. In the evening, they can automatically close for privacy.

We hope everyone continues to stay safe during this time. Please stay home and healthy. If you have questions, please give us a call. We would also like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all those who are at the frontline working diligently.