High-Tech Family Living at It’s Best

Spire accommodated all our needs. The systems performs beyond our expectations.” – Spire Client, Huntington Woods MI


It’s Good to Be Home
The automation system in this home was designed with the family in mind. Featuring 7 video and 10 audio zones, there is virtually access to audio/video throughout the entire home.

For the ultimate viewing, there is a dedicated theater in the home. The theater provides an escape for special movies and big sporting events. With 10 luxurious theater chairs, as well as a custom bar, this room is by far, the family favorite. For additional viewing options, there is a DVD player housed in the theater that can be accessed from any TV. Conveniently, a movie can be started in the theater and then finished in the bedroom, or even on the TV in the bathroom as
one enjoys a relaxing bath.

Via, the Control 4 automation system, the homeowner can easily take control of everyday functions. One unique control is the keypad in the bedroom shows the status of both garage doors. There are two buttons, north and south garage. If a door is open, the LED will be red, and they can press that button to close the door, then the LED will turn off.

Another great control, with children that tend to forget about turning off the TV and lights, the “goodnight” button is heavily relied on. Nightly, the touch of this button confirms that there are no lights, TVs or audio
systems left on.

As the children are into gaming, Spire incorporated additional cable in the rec room. The extra universal wiring allows for their friends to bring over their games and easily hook up to the system. All in all, this home is truly, seamlessly integrated with everyone in mind.

  • Lighting Control
  • Engineering and Drawing
  • Elevation and Sight Line
  • Consideration
  • HVAC Control
  • Construction Coordination
  • Design and Installation
  • Audio Video Design and
  • Installation
  • Audio Calibration
  • Video Calibration
  • Control 4 Automation
  • B&K 19” 6-Zone HD Switcher
  • Control 4
    – Audio Matrix Switch
    – Multi-Tuner
    – HC300 Home Controller with Remote Control
    – HC500 Home Controller with Remote Control
    – iPod Docking Station
    – 7” Wireless Touch Panel
    – Wireless Thermostat
    – Wireless Keypad
    – Wireless Dimmer
  • Integra DPC-7.9 6-disc DVD/CD Changer
  • Leon HZ-414 Custom Speakers
  • Monitor Audio
  • In-ceiling speakers
    – 12” Sub woofer
    – Silver RS8 Tower Speakers
    – Silver RS-LCR Center Channel
  • 119” Da-lite Projector Screen
  • Sim2 D60 Projector
  • Sonance Mariner 61 Outdoor Speakers

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