Get Ready for Football Season with Outdoor Speaker Systems

Sonance and James Loudspeaker Make the Big Game More Dynamic

September marks the beginning of everything football lovers and casual fans have been waiting for – the return of fall, game watching with friends, chili cook-offs and more. And at the center of all of these events is the love of the sport itself. What if we told you that you can gather friends and family to watch the game in a more exciting and socially distanced way? And that you could enjoy your setup long after the Wolverines score their last touchdown?

Try taking your sports-viewing outside this year by investing in an outdoor speaker system for your Petoskey, Bay Harbor, or Traverse City, MI, home. Weatherproof speakers from our favorite brands, James Loudspeaker and Sonance, bring attractive, immersive sound to your game. We’ll highlight how this solution can enrich your football watching both on and off season.

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Early Season
Let the games begin! September in Michigan shows us dipping temperatures, but we try to get the most that we can from our warmer days. Outdoor speakers provide choices for entertainment – whether it’s relaxing to music by the pool or listening to the first games while sipping a tropical drink from your outdoor lounge chair. Sonance Mariner speakers give you sound from a discrete source, perfect for listening to the game while BBQing or sharing drinks with friends.

Similarly, the Garden, Patio and Landscape Series distribute audio across your backyard and pool areas via a network of surround speakers, subwoofers and amps. These three systems accommodate various area sizes, and we’ll help you determine which suits your acoustic needs.

Later On
Football parties ramp up in late fall, so now is the time to pull out all the stops and also make sure you have the best visual equipment to pair with your sound. For outdoor applications, we recommend TVs with a high-resolution screen that fits the lighting conditions. We install displays graded for full shade, partial shade and full sun areas. Plus, our weatherproof displays can easily handle wind, extreme temps, rain and much more.

Looking to show off with your speakers? James Loudspeakers’ outdoor tower models stand tall and deliver concert or sports-arena performance to your backyard. For example, the OT88Q features a titanium quad array speaker for pristine fidelity and a wide array. Bi-amplification ensures that 2 channels are powered for every speaker, allowing more sound output, making the big game even bigger.

And Beyond
Spire clients have many seasons ahead of them after they’ve invested in our outdoor speaker systems. Every piece of audio equipment that we install is already premium quality, completely weatherproof and backed by our support in the rare case of any tech hiccups.

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